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try to use ScpServer it works with ps3 and ps4 controllers (download link:
and type  in world at war exec default_controller.cfg in the console and tutorial: it works with bluetooth and with charge cable
1512 days ago
it looks verry good i like to play when it is released good job
1512 days ago
What about this a map based of gorod krovi  but an other layout and easter egg and black ops 2 and 3 weapons  included ray gun mark 3 (GKZ-45 Mk3)
1514 days ago
i have waw zombies only on pc is there a chance to have black ops 3 zombies only if not then i am not downloading 39.4 gb
1514 days ago
good map so far only i can't find the power
1531 days ago
link is dead
1534 days ago
when i had the ICR my game crashed and directx error
1538 days ago
first was it the feeling of the giant now it's the feeling of  zetsubu no shima
1538 days ago
can't play revelations help me please :'(
1551 days ago
just downloaded the open beta of BF1 on ps4 but nobody to see right now
1556 days ago
i just installed my tomb raider 4 and 6 on my new laptop but bullguard blocks it like a virus and i don't know how to fix it ps my bullguard version doesn't have game mode :-\ :-\ :-\ :-\ :-\
1589 days ago
nice maybe you can make a jak and daxter map after this (same maker) looking forward to it
1593 days ago
i just pre-orderd gran turismo sport on ps4 and i can't wait to play it

release is november 16 2016
1611 days ago
Just as the title says. Does anyone play BO2 zombies on PS3? I have TranZit (ofc), Nuketown, Mob of the Dead, and Origins. I'll be getting Die Rise and Buried this month. Add me on PSN: Drez_Sellout.
i don't play black ops 2 anymore i play black ops 3 on ps4
1611 days ago
this is now 2065 instead 2025 lol
1662 days ago


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