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where do i need to place it?

Double Post Merge: May 18, 2016, 07:08:26 pm
never mind
1550 days ago
nice map i survived into round 30 on this map keep going your mapping is great
1553 days ago
you should have seen it on ps3 lol
1585 days ago
der eisendrache on ps3 looks worse i am happy to have it on ps4

here is the yt link
1585 days ago
Hi, even after downloading the updated version and deleting the old one i still get stuck at the loading screen. it crashes as the bar loads. I don't know what to do to get it fixed, can anyone help me?
same problem here when i downloaded the newer version it crash
1586 days ago
Uhh because that's called cheating? :/
  anyway nice map but too difficult
1592 days ago
this is weard to ask it but why can't i activate any cheat?
1592 days ago
my whole game is stuck can't use controller and mouse when i am in no mod
1602 days ago
black ops 3 der eisendrache and the giant ps4  nice maps i liked it
1614 days ago
I'm looking for websits with mods or trucks for new American Truck Simulator game
Can you help me with that?
I already used WoM but it's down for a few weeks
it's a nice game i played it on pc from very nice game
1614 days ago
I never tought that that krome studios brought it back this game is from 2002 and was released on ps2 xbox and gcn

youtube link:
steam link of ty the tasmanian tiger wip:
1646 days ago
Last gen BO3 is horrific. I'd rather play WAW CZ; it genuinely looks much better (as long as you're not playing on crappy settings and/or crappy maps.)
or buy a ps4 than no problem anymore with dlc also
1647 days ago
ok if i know now but still strange they say when you go to private match change map lol
anyway i buy a ps4 for sure
1647 days ago
I don't know why but it's good that they give dlc for ps4 only but could there be a chance to have at least remake of the previous call of duty zombie maps if not i defently buy a ps4 even if they do that
1647 days ago
And when was this done with GTA: San Andreas? While PS4 was out? Just because it's a classic doesn't mean it has to be on the PS3 too, when the PS4 is out. :please:
i just said this because i'm still stuck with ps3
1652 days ago


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