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ok, mediafire link added  ;D
1660 days ago
when I start gungame it gives me a shovel. how do I hit with the shovel? I clicked on each keys on keyboard and mouse nothing... Other than that fun map really.
you use it with the melee attack key :)
1661 days ago
i tried the download now and it works fine on both version. i don't really know why you guys have this issue... try using a new browser or different DNS :-[
1670 days ago
mmh that's strange... i know that a lot of people downloaded that without problems  ???
1684 days ago
i know that this little map will be boring, so i put an low cost buyable ending that can be activated completing the easter egg. Anyway, there are 2 teddys in the garden (one in the tower and one in a bush) and the last one was in the train.
1689 days ago
to activate the power you need to complete the first steps of the easter egg :P

Double Post Merge: March 29, 2015, 02:58:24 pm
omg this map is on ngtzombies channel!
1691 days ago
thanks to all guys. i'm glad to see that you liked my first map. it was an hard work! ;D

it is copyright free :)

i know, but at the time i don't have any of original shadersof black ops 2 and i also don't know how to convert/update them
1692 days ago
sorry, it was normal that error, i've written on the top of the english version of the download that it will give an error due to a translation mistake. anyway, now it's all fixed and ready, sorry to make you guys download something corrupted :(
PS: it is on the 1.0.3 because i begin to work to it in the 28 february 2014 and the 1.0.4 wasn't realased yet. moreover, i finished the map a lot of time ago, but i never wanted to make and post the english version
PPS: they told me that terminus was something of TWD after i finished the map... so i don't know if you will be disappointed of this  ::)
1693 days ago
Nazi Zombie Terminus
Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.
Map made for the italian youtuber ZombieBest
Quick description/veloce descrizione:
This little map is set in an unknown train station filled of zombies. Will our four heroes escape from terminus? Try to find the answer playing it!/Molti di voi avranno già visto il video di Zombiebest e sanno già che cosa gli aspetta, una mappa piccola e con spazi stretti pieni di zombie. Riusciranno i nostri quattro convinti a fuggire da questa stazione maledetta? A voi la ricerca della risposta :)
List of features/Lista dei contenuti:

Powered by ugx 1.0.3/usa la ugx 1.0.3
Custom menu and loadscreen/grafica del menù e della schermata di caricamento modificata
Terminus in my head special song (made especially for this map by IlDesa)/la canzone Terminus in my head scritta appositamente da desa
8 custom perks from bo1 and bo2/8 bibite prese da black ops 1 e 2
Custom melee weapons/nuove armi da mischia
Easter egg and buyable ending/finale acquistabile


jei9363 for electric cherry
tom-bmx for melee weapons and all his tools
Bamskater33 and Sajeone  for the bo1 perks and fix
Aidan kinostyle teleporter v2
thezombiekilla6 for the zombie counter

Special thanks to Zombiebest and all his friends to gave me this opportunity. Also, thanks to all you ugx guys. without this community i won't never be able to finish this map ;)/Un rigraziamento particolare a Zombiebest e a tutto il suo gruppo per avermi concesso questa possibilità. Ringrazio inoltre tutta la community di questo sito; senza di loro questa mappa non sarebbe stata finita!
eng version download

ita version download
1693 days ago
i've used the 1.0.4 viewhands. in thoose gsc file wath i would check?

Double Post Merge: November 13, 2014, 02:07:22 pm
by the way, i've checked all the other scripted guns and them works. only thoose three

Double Post Merge: November 13, 2014, 02:15:56 pm
ok, i've found the issue! if you use the _zombiemode_spawn_backup.gsc how the ugx file it doesn't work! but if you replace it with the _zombiemode_spawner of the ugx modtool it work!!
1826 days ago
hi, i think to have a really quick solution problem. i'm having issues with this three weapons: the german machine, the vr11 (m40a3 upgraded) and the upgraded dragunov. the german machine and the dragunov doesn't make damage to the zombies and don't plays the fire or the shock animations. the vr 11 kill the zombies without "transform" them into soldiers. anyone have some ideas????
1826 days ago
 :poker: that is obvious... i write mapname because nazi_zombie_terminus is too long and i'm lazi ;D
1838 days ago
hi guys i've followed this tutorial
the zombies works perfectly if i put the localized_nazi_zombie_terminus.ff file in my mod folder. unfortunately, in this way i loose some materials, sounds and two weapons i've added. so, how can i use my own localized_nazi_zombie_terminus.ff file and get the custom zombies models works correctly?? thanks for all :D
1838 days ago
hi, i was creating an installer for finally release my map. anyway, once i've created the installer, if i run it it creates 3 more useless file: bam_bo1_perks.iwd, dlc3_code.iwd and the zone_debugger.iwd. i really don't know why it generates them because there aren't in the mod archive. anyone has an idea?????? :-\

Double Post Merge: November 01, 2014, 08:40:26 am
oh well..... i don't know why but i've rebuilt the installer forr the tird time and now it works.  :lol:
1839 days ago
ok, but i was meaning where is the map in the compiled mod folder.
for example in the root/mods/nazi_zombie_example mod folder

Double Post Merge: October 31, 2014, 04:19:30 pm
ok, doesn't matter, i've found another way to solve my problem, really thank to all you  :)
1839 days ago


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