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Messages - animallover

im now getting this error :(

ERROR: MAX_MAP_TRIANGLES (3072000) exceeded
4 years ago
finding triangle windings...


finished in 13 seconds


assigning primary lights...


splitting windings into lightable areas...

coalescing coincident windings...




after this nothing else happens? any reason why
4 years ago
Can I change the loading distance for my lights? It seems when I walk far away they turn off.. Any way to fix this?

5 years ago
So i'm just about to release a map and I do one final update and I get this.. tried going back a few steps but can't seem to find the problem someone help?

UmbraConvert: smallest_occluder=72.000 small_hole=4.000
[19:32:00] INFO: T: 288 O: 72 H: 4 B: 50
[19:32:14] INFO: Tile grid 2200x2636x612 (at -1344,-1728,-108) created for scene: 8548 tiles (551 empties not included) in 14.420 seconds
WARNING: SN-DBS is not installed, tome will be compiled locally
WARNING: SN-DBS service is not running, tome will be compiled locally
UmbraConvert: fetching tiles with 6 worker threads
UmbraConvert ERROR:
loadTileResult failed

UmbraConvert failed (1)
["C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Call of Duty Black Ops III\\bin\UmbraConvert" -input_scene=c:\UmbraDebug\zm_kalach_linker.scene -input_params=c:\UmbraDebug\zm_kalach_linker.params -output_tome=c:\UmbraDebug\zm_kalach.tome -compress -use_all_cores -disable_sndbs]

Linker will now terminate.
5 years ago
Anyone know how to make a model move? I want some planes to be flying over the map
5 years ago
How can i change the lightning state? For example like use a trigger or something and the skybox changes? Is this possible?
5 years ago
Someone please please please assist in helping me.. I really can't seem to find a answer to how I make sounds play if in a certain area..

I just want sounds to play when teleported to a certain area..

Thanks! :)
6 years ago
same as here:,15252.msg150745.html#msg150745 just with your sound instead of a song

you sure this works for bo3? i couldn't get it to work
6 years ago
how do I make it so a sound plays when i walk into a trigger? I don't want the player to click anything just walk into a trigger and the sound plays once
6 years ago

6 years ago
Is it possible to add custom audio sounds when you open a debris? if so.. How? :)

6 years ago
I would like to know this too
6 years ago
Hahaha was about to try this but i guess I wont incase I get the same problem lol
6 years ago
Here is craftdanimations wall weapon tutorial no need to use triggers for that

Thank you very much but what about custom imported weapons? Lets say I dont want to include them into the box
6 years ago
Title says it all really.. As the new dlc weapons aren't wallbuys how do I make it so you can still buy these?
6 years ago
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