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Messages - animallover

Do you have a lightgrid and at least one reflectionprobe?

Like i said i am very new to this but no i didnt! Thank you so much! :)  :nyan:
8 years ago
This happens if you don't check "compile lights" when compiling your map.

I have been doing this :/ I'll keep trying though! Thanks :)
8 years ago
Everytime i load my map its full of colors.. I'm very very new to mapping! Just wanted to ask you guys how i would fix this. :)
8 years ago
Hi yes everything worked but I had a small error! :( Says I had a 400 fx limit? Not sure what this mean but thank you for helping me so far! :)
8 years ago
So i was making a map and the first error i got was that i was missing dlc3 or something? So then i guess i fixed that then got a dog init error, so now im getting a map/_zombiemode_auto_turret error... Any help with these? Im trying so hard
8 years ago
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