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I would love to play this map but all I get when I try to select Zombies is an infinite connecting screen
BO1 server issue sucks so much ass. One way that works sometimes is waiting 60s, then closing the game and restarting, that sometimes works. If you can't get inside the game, just open console and type /map zombie_perish and that starts the map solo 
19 days ago
how to install and play this mod?
Run installer, go to GitHub page shown in topic and install game_mod, then run shortcut
How can I solve the problem of Missing Shortcut???

Is Windows Defender deleting it? Check in case it is 
22 days ago
Code: cpp
30 days ago

when I try to enter my friend's room the game made me out, what can it be?  (sorry for my English but I have no fucking idea to speak it)
 Do you mean joining friend's lobby just kicks you out? Make sure both have 1.1.1 version of map installed and 1.3.2 version of Game_Mod, otherwise issue could just be in your connection
33 days ago
Is it possible to get Vac Banned because of Game Mod, provided i play Online?
You cannot, otherwise I probs wouldn't have made this map, lul 
48 days ago
no my game is steam version and ı have only legal rezurrection dlc on my games ı dont have others and ı installed this mod into black ops game location ( where was installed black ops mod tools ) i did not delete any folders but i try to reinstall game_mod second version where is the address of game_mod updated? 
61 days ago
Hello ı encountered this script error when ı attempted to load perish map with original ugx mod loader (launcher_ldr.exe) from main screen error link is below!69xC0YTC!AosF8urk9bm0HxnvLAFc3TGyQSY1FChZIkOaeIEb1kk
can anyone solve this :point_up_2:
Got newest versions installed of both Perish and Game_Mod? Made sure that nothing has been deleted in the folders? Got any DLC's or is your game pirated? 
61 days ago
In case this helps anyone that downloads this for the first time... I downloaded the EXE installer for 1.1.1 however it didn't appear to install game mod.  I had to install that manually.

No big deal, just took another 30 seconds.
ModMe was transfered to a new server and the Game_Mod stuff did not transfer over, so yeah. Until that is fixed, gotta install Game_Mod manually, nothing I can do about it
68 days ago
Final update is now out! With this I am stopping the support for the map as I will move onto new things. Thanks to everyone who tried out the map <3 What update includes:
Code: xml
Update 1.1.1:
- Carpenter now repairs Zombie Shield's health
- Zombie Shield's health reduced from 35 to 30 due to Carpenter repair & gameplay reasons
- Fixed pathing issue by Pack-a-Punch area
- Added opening on platform in Boss Fight arena where you can dodge missiles in
- Fixed Powerup icon issue when picking up an active powerup
- Quick Revive parts now disappear properly when bought three times in Solo
- Fixed bug with Pack-a-Punch & Zombie Shield
- Fixed visual glitches that would happen, if you didn't own any DLCs
- Fixed round sounds cutting off sometimes
82 days ago
dont know how manual instalation works.... i mean why i didnt come with a .exe just like in WaW maps?

but its a really great map!
Cos the installer is the .exe. It is basically the same thing and I am pretty sure Windows Defender would have started deleting WaW .exe's, if they were more recent
85 days ago
so strange the instalation .... with windows defender and the other stufff.   -1
Not my fault Windows Defender is bad. If it is that much of an issue, just use manual download 
86 days ago
hey man im confused about the perk bottle drops im on round 39 and have only had 1 dropped and that was on round 12. is this a glich or is this the way it was inteded?

Very rare chance to get it, it's 1% chance with golden Shovel
115 days ago
Yep, main menu says 1.1.0 and 1.3.2, but no error messages appear. My game hangs for a couple seconds then simply closes, no errors, no residual processes.

Can you DM me in Discord? I can provide more support there: HitmanVere#7069
117 days ago
My game crashes at the end of round 4 almost every game, and the few that didn't crash then crashed either later at the end of round 5, or earlier, at exactly 5 minutes into the map. I have the newest version of Game_mod and of this map.

So you are definitely on 1.1.0 version of map and Game_Mod 1.3.2 as seen in main menu when starting up? Any error message?
118 days ago
Great map. There's an interesting feeling to play custom zombies in BO1.

Pack-a-punching the buildable shield leads to troubles.

I guess I accidentally broke that when I made Shockwave Claymores upgradable, lmao. I will add it on my To Do list, thanks for reporting and hopefully you had fun at least ❤

How do you get pap? I'm a little confused.

There is a teleporter on other side of map, use it, get what you need and return to the spot where teleporter was
125 days ago


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