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Appreciate it!, Have you checked your game mod version or updated drivers? thats usually the only time it happens to me.
Great mod but every time i load a game all my textures are missing not the textures of the map but perks, teddy bear on box locations, guns, view hands are all comepletey black and i dont know how to fix it.
thanks you man i love your work .

will it be possible to add a shield like in origins?:)       
Thanks bro!, Nahh you already got a powerup that gives u extra hits and we don't have the memory left in the mod to add a shield file.

I Have an idea for this mod, I thought it is cool if had a menu before the first round that will allow you to change the config for the spawn of the zombies.

Something like

Dogs on/off
Bosses on/off
Exo Zombies on/off
Special Zombies on/off

Before I lost the main files we had that idea, but sadly we cannot anymore. It would have been great tho..

566 days ago
 Why?, cause I wanted too, Yeah you gotta repack for 15000 per gun but your guns will still deal a decent amount of damage + deadshots headshot multiplier. I'm glad you like the mod, but these features are going to stay.
i love this mod sooooooo much <3 but why the heck did you do this ???

Reduced the quadrupal damage on double tap (Now does only double damage)  ... its taking from the fun aspect :/
and this

You can pack a punch 4 extra times for damage boosts like in BO4 for 2500  we REALLY didnt need this XD i mean 15000 for every single weapon wtf ( im the type that loves packing a milion weapons and this is hurting my soul  :,(     

and especially this !

 Fixed issue were speed cola caused fast perk drinking and bowie/galvaknuckles floruishing  this was what speed cola supposed to do ( even in bo3 sometimes it does it but slower and its glichy coz they removed the ability sadly )

like bruh please dont break what you made , i loved it the way it was ( and made vids to say this is how zombies is supposed to be lol )

this mod adds soooooo much more repleayability to bo1 and made me fall in love with it like the first time i plaed zombies :,)

thanks again for making this in the first place  :D
I second what GimmyNeutron said, if it aint broke, don't fix it. the PAP system in BO4 is what contributed to BO4 zombies's negative reactions, I think this patch needs to be reverted, I know you want to be done with this mod, but the mod was already perfect until these features were added and changed
Thats great you can keep the old version, because these changes are not getting reverted and you can still deal large amounts of damage without the need for pack a punching multiple times.
566 days ago
First off, Thank you to everyone who played the mod and still continues to this day!, this update was not actually meant to be released before but seeing as some cleaning up was needed I present to you with Patch 1.5 (sadly difficulty launching is still a thing). Anyways have fun!
570 days ago
I can't even describe with words how good this mod is. Everything is very high quality and complex.
NikolaiLikesVodka, this is goddamn masterpiece. Please never stop and create even bigger and more beatiful things. Take my respect.
 I won't be doing anymore things because i learned it's just waste.
612 days ago

wow, the Exo Boss/ The King is pretty strong hahah
i know you said its final version, but ive written some stuff that you might want
(and through this year i will have alot of time to playtest anything. pm if you need (more active on telegram: @lolidev))
/--/ Scripting /--/
-Add sound completion and wait for user input to get some the rewards at challenges
-Allow Frag/Semtex wallbuy to get Widow's Wine grenades when the player is using the perk
-fix locations for perk proning like the Revive on Shang (except on water i think)
-keep FOV sometimes when teleporting (only saw this on Kino, DR might have it too)
-bug where player gets stuck on one of the teleporter rooms,KinoPAP, or outside the map after being auto revived by Whos Who (maybe limit the doppleganger spawning to the zones that the game might have some "auto limits" of some sort)
-make the same chance of getting Fire Sale to get Perk Bottle
-Max Ammo reward +song Easter Egg +one of the 2 non-machine perks to all ZC maps (now that we can get the BO3 scripts with the new tool)
-EE to get perks on Kino listening all the radios, teleporting to the 3 secret zones and linking the switches where the teleporter haves cables linked to them?
-More eclipse time for solo games on Shangri-La sidequest, and make everyone gets the perma-perks like moon/COTD
-maybe double time for the PAP Drop at Verrukt and Shi no numa (sometimes is very far) or just force to spawn in closest zone to the drop
-the Lockdown rounds seem impossible after the 3rd or more, seems to need a nerf, something like limit the zombies on solo to 24 or 30 (on Coop seems OK, tested until round 34, 35, the flow of the dogs and zombies are good, seems hard as it should)
-WW2 Combat Knife anims to hold on "X", adding Mob Knife and All Melees there it the mod have any space (wich i think the isnt, but a lite version of it with those would surely be awesome)
-button to inspect anim?
/--/ Models changes/fixes /--/
-Shi No Numa Peter model
-Shangri-la spawn mistery box having the cover/upper part being out of position when closed
-BO3 Easter Egg Items (vril, focusing stone, focusing crystals, MPD, maybe moon computers)
-maybe change Panzersoldat model to Origins BO3 one and add it to more maps
/--/ Model+Scripting /--/
Update ADS to IW_Intervention to BO1_AUG model(the 1.5 Swarovski ACOG zoom,with corresponding sniper zoom, Intervention lens model)
Just want to say I appreciate your feedback and glad you liked the mod. The only downside is that everyone is pretty much finished with the mod in terms of support etc and also I lost the source files on my hardrive meaning things such as having an extra knife, adding extra models/sounds/weapons/fx would require me redoing the mod from scratch. I was planning to post a prototype version to try out but it's just an attempt to fix the coop lag when killing the exo boss.
All I cam say is that Der Riese is the fucking best map ever in this mod and Verrukt is like going veteran mode in campaign
 Thanks!, The whole mod is veteran mode but for zombies lmaoo
Thank you for all this awesome support

I bright my full gameplay on Kino to round 50 with the mod.

Rly awesome mod thanks for all the guys behind this and thanks to Partisan for reply on my video, thank you very much

Soon all other maps.

Appreciate it man!, I added some of your videos to the mods page under gameplay! Thanks once again.
654 days ago
Holy heck this is one of the most insane mods for Call of Duty in general I've ever played. I used to play a bunch of modded WaW but never knew Black Ops had mods. Decided to try this one out and my god it's amazing. I love it so much, though I find the difficulty ramp up after round 15 to be a bit much for my liking. I'm sure I'll get used to it though.

Is there a way to use cheats with this mod enabled? I wanna explore all the maps as it's been a long time since I've played Black Ops since XBOX 360 let alone modded BO1. I also just like dicking around lol.

Thanks for this masterpiece homie
Thanks man! you will get used to it after a few games and learn your way around things. Sorry man we disabled them but you could still use basic stuff like FOV, Gravity, Speed, etc.

Double Post Merge: June 23, 2019, 09:41:24 am
Released a Patch 1.4 because I think we fixed a potential game freezing glitch that happens when you kill the exo boss. As of now we doesn't explode and spew gas because it was causing the host to drop frames and everyone else to lag out, but it should be fixed now :) 
721 days ago
I heard BO1 severs are down and probably for good because both activision and treyarch are money hungry for cash(Thanks assholes! maybe the ceo of activision will get beheaded by isis or something) anyways here is a small guide if anyone wants to play the mod still (Solo only).

Step 1: Load up the mod
Step 2: Open up the developer console
Step 3: type /devmap zombie_(insert map name)
Example : /devmap zombie_cod5_prototype
Step 4: Boom ya in game!

- List of map names-
Nacht Der Untoten = zombie_cod5_prototype
Verrückt = zombie_cod5_asylum
Shi No Numa = zombie_cod5_sumpf
Der Riese = zombie_cod5_factory
Kino Der Toten = zombie_theater
Five = zombie_pentagon
Dead Ops Arcade = zombietron
Ascension = zombie_cosmodrome
Call of the Dead = zombie_coast
Shangri La = zombie_temple
Moon = zombie_moon
Disregard this message because the severs are back up for now...
724 days ago
Im getting errors when I load up the mod , Such as 'clientscripts/_zombiemode_ffotd' , I don't know what else to do.
Your probably the first person to get that. You installed everything right i'm assuming? 
726 days ago
I heard BO1 severs are down and probably for good because both activision and treyarch are money hungry for cash(Thanks assholes! maybe the ceo of activision will get beheaded by isis or something) anyways here is a small guide if anyone wants to play the mod still (Solo only).

Step 1: Load up the mod
Step 2: Open up the developer console 
Step 3: type /devmap zombie_(insert map name)
Example : /devmap zombie_cod5_prototype
Step 4: Boom ya in game!

- List of map names-
Nacht Der Untoten = zombie_cod5_prototype
Verrückt = zombie_cod5_asylum
Shi No Numa = zombie_cod5_sumpf
Der Riese = zombie_cod5_factory
Kino Der Toten = zombie_theater
Five = zombie_pentagon
Dead Ops Arcade = zombietron
Ascension = zombie_cosmodrome
Call of the Dead = zombie_coast
Shangri La = zombie_temple
Moon = zombie_moon
728 days ago

thank you for making epic mod you are my new dad now also I'll give you vbucks if you make work in multiplayer not so bad :(((((
Lol, I'm afraid we tried but couldn't fix the issue you just gotta keep trying and eventually coop will work. No thanks already have enough children.

Awesome additions to the mod, very welcome changes and challenges to the mod indeed but, it would've been perfect if you replaced the monkeys on Ascension with the dogs. I hate those monkeys so damn much lol. Taking perks and sh#t!! Thats all I ask.
Thanks mate! Nah we wanted to keep the monkeys because of the difficulty they provide lmao. Shouldn't be too much a problem since sometimes they just stand still and you can go hunt them down.

736 days ago
Alright lads the FINAL (I swear it should be the last) update is out! Download and have fun we ain't nerfing anymore shit.8)
743 days ago

Hi! absolutely loving the mod. Played the mod plenty of times with a friend coop. Is it correct that widow's wine on five is bugged? I played the map two times already on coop and i can't seem to buy the perk...

Keep up the good work!
Son of a bitch I see the issue now... My best guess is that having the machine right behind the wall where the teleporter is messed up the trigger. I changed the location of the perk machine and now the trigger shows up, expect the fix in the next update till then just buy other perks. 
753 days ago

Perhaps you might consider just releasing another version of the mod that removes the modern weapons and replace them with the rest of the COD WWII arsenal instead? That way people would be able to choose between all out old school guns or a balance between modern and old school -> (AKA the mod as it is currently).
I wish but I don't have access to the original files themselves for the models including weapon files, models, animations, effects, etc only scripts can be edited. Even if my hardrive didn't die I would prefer one single mod to avoid confusion.
754 days ago

I never played a mod this hard since gridlock, my highest round is 21, good job.
Good job on achieving round 21. Thanks, once you get the feel of it things start to become easier.

Just curious, but will any more guns be added in future updates like the rest of the COD WWII family, or is the mod just about complete?

P.S. - This is the best cod zombies mod I know of imo, great work! :D

Hell I wish tbh because my Hardrive died before the mod released I couldn't add any extra guns. (We already hit the weapon limit and adding in anymore through bootleg means would cause crashes). I can tell you I cycled through a lot of the ww2 aresnal and believe me I wish they were all in the mod, but...gotta have a mix of modern and old school guns. Yeah it's just about complete maybe if we figure out fixes for bugs or just wanna tweak the game we will update it. Thank you for loving the mod! :D.

Still playing the heck out of this mod, once I actually followed instructions and learned what to do during a black load screen, aha. >>
I must say, the newest version with the winnable game is really cool. Only beat one map so far, nacht, at round 38, but I hope to beat a few more in the near future! Like, with the endgame now, this mod is pretty much perfection, my only nitpick is the fact my fave shotgun the trench gun is just a grenade launcher like in blops 4, but then you guy gave it the switchable ammo type from a shotgun that spews pellets that are sniper rounds and the rocket launcher sooo...yeah thanks for that! This mod is pretty much the best mod for black ops, and probably the best gameplay overhaul for any game I played in a long, long time. Kudos!
Lmao thanks for actually taking the time to read the instructions (no srsly). Thank you for the feedback, our exact goal overhaul this simple horde mode by removing all the safties. We figured some people would want some goal or objective so winnable endgames was the easiest way, maybe some rewards would be nice but we dunno yet.

I keep getting memory access violations when playing Dead Ops Arcade. I just made it to the end of round 2 when I entered the area for round 3, when the game gave me the memory access violation notice.
I'm not sure honestly.  I know game mod tends to crash after playing for awhile.

Hey guys new to UGX. Literally made an account so I could use this mod.

Just thought I'd leave my thoughts on it and some bugs I've encountered:

Really fun! I like it a lot! Brings new light to an almost ten year old game! Nice work!

Bosses are a nice addition but I'd like the ability to not have them. I didn't really like the boss zombies during/after BO2 and still certainly dont.

I'm not huge on the explosive zombies and dogs. I'm not sure if PhD stops this but for what I've seen I don't think it does. It blurs your vision and will probably be the thing that kills you.

On Moon I believe the power sometimes will not have the ability to be turned on? I've played twice now and it hasn't given me the ability to turn it on both runs.

And yeah like you said in your known bugs Co-Op is a real pain to get working. My friend and I have gotten it on Five but we can't seem to get Kino to work. He doesn't have the DLC so we can't try those.

But overall I enjoy it. Thank you for your contribution good sir.
Thanks for enjoying the mod! If we really wanted to we can't have the option to disable bosses because a lot of the mechanics sorta revolve around them and we are set on keeping them in or else it would feel way to easy. The damage taken for explosive zombies and dogs is determined by the your distance from them and they like other enemies are there to keep you on your feet and alert. Yes the power switch issue happens on moon but usually you just wait a little bit and the text should pop up to activate the switch, we did that to counter people getting instantly settup on round 1 if they grinded points on no mans. Lastly for coop glitches you just gotta be patient and keep trying.

756 days ago

let us use commands :c please
Fuck that 
760 days ago


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