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Hi! absolutely loving the mod. Played the mod plenty of times with a friend coop. Is it correct that widow's wine on five is bugged? I played the map two times already on coop and i can't seem to buy the perk...

Keep up the good work!
Son of a bitch I see the issue now... My best guess is that having the machine right behind the wall where the teleporter is messed up the trigger. I changed the location of the perk machine and now the trigger shows up, expect the fix in the next update till then just buy other perks. 
3 days ago

Perhaps you might consider just releasing another version of the mod that removes the modern weapons and replace them with the rest of the COD WWII arsenal instead? That way people would be able to choose between all out old school guns or a balance between modern and old school -> (AKA the mod as it is currently).
I wish but I don't have access to the original files themselves for the models including weapon files, models, animations, effects, etc only scripts can be edited. Even if my hardrive didn't die I would prefer one single mod to avoid confusion.
4 days ago

I never played a mod this hard since gridlock, my highest round is 21, good job.
Good job on achieving round 21. Thanks, once you get the feel of it things start to become easier.

Just curious, but will any more guns be added in future updates like the rest of the COD WWII family, or is the mod just about complete?

P.S. - This is the best cod zombies mod I know of imo, great work! :D

Hell I wish tbh because my Hardrive died before the mod released I couldn't add any extra guns. (We already hit the weapon limit and adding in anymore through bootleg means would cause crashes). I can tell you I cycled through a lot of the ww2 aresnal and believe me I wish they were all in the mod, but...gotta have a mix of modern and old school guns. Yeah it's just about complete maybe if we figure out fixes for bugs or just wanna tweak the game we will update it. Thank you for loving the mod! :D.

Still playing the heck out of this mod, once I actually followed instructions and learned what to do during a black load screen, aha. >>
I must say, the newest version with the winnable game is really cool. Only beat one map so far, nacht, at round 38, but I hope to beat a few more in the near future! Like, with the endgame now, this mod is pretty much perfection, my only nitpick is the fact my fave shotgun the trench gun is just a grenade launcher like in blops 4, but then you guy gave it the switchable ammo type from a shotgun that spews pellets that are sniper rounds and the rocket launcher sooo...yeah thanks for that! This mod is pretty much the best mod for black ops, and probably the best gameplay overhaul for any game I played in a long, long time. Kudos!
Lmao thanks for actually taking the time to read the instructions (no srsly). Thank you for the feedback, our exact goal overhaul this simple horde mode by removing all the safties. We figured some people would want some goal or objective so winnable endgames was the easiest way, maybe some rewards would be nice but we dunno yet.

I keep getting memory access violations when playing Dead Ops Arcade. I just made it to the end of round 2 when I entered the area for round 3, when the game gave me the memory access violation notice.
I'm not sure honestly.  I know game mod tends to crash after playing for awhile.

Hey guys new to UGX. Literally made an account so I could use this mod.

Just thought I'd leave my thoughts on it and some bugs I've encountered:

Really fun! I like it a lot! Brings new light to an almost ten year old game! Nice work!

Bosses are a nice addition but I'd like the ability to not have them. I didn't really like the boss zombies during/after BO2 and still certainly dont.

I'm not huge on the explosive zombies and dogs. I'm not sure if PhD stops this but for what I've seen I don't think it does. It blurs your vision and will probably be the thing that kills you.

On Moon I believe the power sometimes will not have the ability to be turned on? I've played twice now and it hasn't given me the ability to turn it on both runs.

And yeah like you said in your known bugs Co-Op is a real pain to get working. My friend and I have gotten it on Five but we can't seem to get Kino to work. He doesn't have the DLC so we can't try those.

But overall I enjoy it. Thank you for your contribution good sir.
Thanks for enjoying the mod! If we really wanted to we can't have the option to disable bosses because a lot of the mechanics sorta revolve around them and we are set on keeping them in or else it would feel way to easy. The damage taken for explosive zombies and dogs is determined by the your distance from them and they like other enemies are there to keep you on your feet and alert. Yes the power switch issue happens on moon but usually you just wait a little bit and the text should pop up to activate the switch, we did that to counter people getting instantly settup on round 1 if they grinded points on no mans. Lastly for coop glitches you just gotta be patient and keep trying.

6 days ago

let us use commands :c please
Fuck that 
10 days ago
Typo on the links, it should work now
Both download links don't work. Says not available.
Thanks for the tip :), found out the source of the issue was that my friend merely just downloaded and installed the wrong version of the file.

No problem, ah there u go.
11 days ago
didn't expect the next update soon, nice! Downloading it now and will try tomorrow. Sad to hear this'll be the last one though, do you have any ideas what will be next for you and your team?
Yeah we forgot to include a file had to do a small update. Appreciate you enjoying it and sticking around for updates. I can't reveal what the others might be working on but for me I'm just going back to simple things such as creating weapon sounds for other games.

Double Post Merge: May 13, 2019, 09:53:24 am
In advance I'm sorry if I am replying to you guys a little later for some reason new comments are just showing up now instead of the time you posted it.
Ha, okay, that did the trick, the /map restart. Thanks! Really fun mod now that I can try it out on all the maps. Really fun, from the weapons, bosses, everything. Really does feel like a spirtual succesor to zct, alongside the ugx 1.4 mod that added bosses and all that. Thanks for your, and the rest of your team's hard work on this mod!
Thank you! :) glad you enjoyed it, ik the reply is late but this comment bearly showed up for me.

Is there a way to use console commands?

Yes but they are disabled for obvious reasons.

Thanks for the feedback! I reinstalled my old bo1 only for playing this mod, and I was surprised by the atention for details you guys put: the new helmet in moon, the new muzzle flashes and the case extraction... I was wondering if you can put the classic triangular muzzle flash for the ppsh, like in waw and bo3. Keep the amazing work!
Thanks, details started off small then only got bigger from there. Man we actually had the ppsh flash for the longest time but because of the limit on FX we had to remove the unique ppsh one in order to allow for stuff, hell the sniper flash was gonna be for anti tank rifles only but I had to use it for the snipers to save space. Believe me those muzzle flashes were nothing but trail and error and I'm glad you like them, a shame shangri la and call of the dead couldn't have them for the same reason engine limitations. 
12 days ago
Shit.... hold on guys the links will be updated because we forgot to include the fix for the blue eyes when you buy vulture aid. :double_facepalm:

Double Post Merge: May 13, 2019, 05:36:05 am
Alright everyone the link is back up now the vulture aid eyes should be fixed. 
My friend wants to play the mod with me, and we're able to play the waw maps, but everytime he tries to boot up any of the black ops maps like kino der toten or call of the dead, etc., the game crashes for him and gives him an error saying something like, "exceeds (1000) xmodels". Is there a fix for this?

Double Post Merge: May 12, 2019, 11:18:43 pm

My bad, the error is more like,
"exceeds "1000" xmodels.
Did you both check to see if you had the same version? because we haven't gotten that error at all in our games, Interesting..

dude amazing mod but i have problem some map don't load but not crash you knows this problem ? ty for this amzing mod
Check the installation file in the winrar and look in the known bugs the command for that issue is listed there.
12 days ago
Hello guys, sorry to annoy you guys once agian but the new and last update is out for the mod. Sadly the blackscreen bug will still plauge the mod and probably turn away those with little patience but we tried... Once again thank you everyone we appreciate you guys giving the mod a try and those who actually stuck around to wait for updates and shit. The final patch notes are in in the change log and I renamed the read me file to Installation so hopefully people can read it for information on glitches and how to install the mod (For gods sake please read it this time).

I totally forgot about Deadshot I'm so used to ignoring it lol. I think it was a great balance choice to buff Deadshot, PHD, and Quick Revive to be more viable perks. Same with Mule Kick (I never used it before because losing your 3rd gun was painful). Also glad that zombies spawn faster because the early rounds were always a slog. So yeah, great ideas all over with this mod.

Explosive hounds are a bit of a pain, but definitely manageable. I actually have to be cautious on dog rounds, so that's nice.

I was playing more today (solo and co-op) and I'm still having the Mystery Box crashing the game. I've had it happen at rounds 12, 16, and 25 (can't find a consistent pattern), and it's occured on Kino, Five, and Moon. I usually hit the box at the end of the round, with 1 crawler zombie, and literally nothing else going on in the game. But as soon as I roll the box a number of times (around 6 times?), that's when the crash occurs. If literally no one else is getting this issue, I could try reinstalling the game or mod.

I'm sure working on the mod isn't easy, so I can forgive a few black screens especially since BO1 loads pretty fast (unlike BO3...), I'm looking forward to future updates, and thanks again for sharing!
Yeah the changes had to be mad to crank things up a bit. It would be far too wierd to have a slower round transition with the zombies charging at you. I'm honestly not sure what could be the issue gpu?windows 10 cucking up?, forgot those wierd patches for windows that game mod needs honestly I'm not sure and sorry you can't fully enjoy it but ey perfect for wall weapons only right? Yeah we tried to see what could be causing it but I think game mod just can't handle the amount of stuff in the mod leading to the blackscreens. Also have fun as the scrake not quite as powerful but if you don't stay on your feet expect to be cut into ribbons. It was easy ish for all of us until the problems arrose.

Double Post Merge: May 12, 2019, 09:28:19 pm
How do you get the staffs? are they in the box, i saw them in the trailer if i recall
Secret, but lets just say you get it from upgrading a certain gun.
13 days ago
I'm gonna take cyanide pills now.
Is there instructions somewhere on this site about how to install this mod?  Can someone help?  what are the basic steps? 

Double Post Merge: May 11, 2019, 01:39:53 am
Is there instructions somewhere on this site about how to install this mod?  Can someone help?  what are the basic steps?
This video rollon made for installing his mod is pretty much the same process to install this mod.
14 days ago
Hi! Awesome mod, kudos to everyone who worked on this. I've played BO1 zombies to death, and this mod really brings some fresh air to the game. After several playthroughs, I don't think I've gotten close to trying out all the new guns. The quality-of-life changes are great (max ammo, multiple people buying the same perk, etc.). And the difficulty increase from the spawn rates and new enemies really makes the game interesting. I've been struggling to get past round 30, where before it was a cake walk.

Suggestions:My only suggestions are to nerf the Scrake or whatever miniboss appears on Der Reise, it seems he deals high damage AND has a ton of health (took a few magazines from a PaP'd gun on the low 10's... seems a bit much. Either lower his damage or health perhaps?)

And also explosive dogs... yikes. I have 0 problems with the other hellhound variants, but if you get caught by an explosion without Juggernog, you're basically dead. (If the explosion doesn't do it, then being stunned and immediately swarmed by other dogs will kill you.) There's not room for error with them which can be a bit unforgiving. I would suggest to either lower the explosion damage, or remove the stun effect?

Bug Reports:Is there anything that can be done about the game crashing/freezing at the loading screen? When playing co-op, the game soft-crashes about 7/10 times at the loading screen. The mod itself is great, but the stability really brings it down. If not the loading screen, then in-game I've had crashes several times from using the Mystery Box. Is there a glitched weapon or something?

So overall, great quality mod you guys have made. Brings fresh air and new challenges to BO1 zombies, something us long-time players can appreciate and enjoy. Some enemy balances could be used, but the game's stability is a prominent issue. I'm looking forward to bug fixes and possibly more game features being added in the future!
Appreciate your feedback!, yes the idea was to make getting to the 30's a struggle. Look on the brightside you got quad damage on double tap and deadshot with a headshot multiplier. The Scrake has been nerfed and the changes will appear in the next update, if you scroll up in the comments I mentioned that his melee damage and health reduction will appear in the next update. For your concern on the explosive dogs this was countered with purchasing PHD Flopper (You can take up to 4 explosions directly), also the key to surviving them is to keep your distance when shooting the explosive ones even on Nacht you can do it). For the game "Crash" we are looking into it I mentioned before and in the Read Me file that you can counter the black screen by opening the developer console and typing /map_restart....... There is no glitched weapon and I haven't encountered that crash on my end except when I was playing a game with a friend of mine but I had a different version of the mod. We are trying to look into the black screen issue but I'm afraid it's been plauging the mod for over half a year now, but until then refer to the known bugs tab on the mod page and the read me. Thanks
15 days ago

Yeah, der riese, verruckt, call, shang and kino just black load screen then boto me to the menu. If I had to guess, maybe your mod is keeping them from loading multiplayer assets? I think most, if not all of those maps that aren't working for me, have that in common.
I see well that issue was already addressed in the "Read me" file within the winrar and in the known bugs tab
If you get stuck with a blackscreen when loading a map press the "`" key to open up the developer console
 and enter the command /map_restart
Should you have issues in coop try restarting both the game and steam, if it persists change hosts
Thanks :)

-If you get stuck with a blackscreen when loading a map press the "`" key to open up the developer console
and enter the command /map_restart"

Can this Mod work online, for 2 people to enjoy?
Of course! if you look at the videos by sanchez you will see 4 player games, should you run into problems please check the known bugs and the read me file

Im sorry for being ignorant, but how exactly do I install this mod? I installed the game mod and extracted it to the bo1 mods folder, and then i installed and extracted the main Renaissance Mod into the mods folder for b01 as well, I am still not able to play the mod, could i get a step by step and some assistance? sorry and thank you.
I should have posted this earlier but don't wanna update the page till something is updated in the mod but watch this video

Double Post Merge: May 09, 2019, 08:59:29 am

I wanted to use console commands such as godmode and such, but it keeps saying "Cheats are not enabled on this server" even if I use /devmap or /spdevmap. The reason why I want to use console commands is just for fun and seeing every weapon available in the mod itself.
I understand your reasons but we just prefer if they were disabled.
16 days ago

Best mod for bo1 so far, loving the ww2 bo3 and bo4 aditions! But the skrake in der riese pieces me off. Don't fit in the ambient, disrupts completely the flow of f the map and kills you in 1 hit even with titan. Please lower the healt or get rid of it, it's fucking disgusting.
Appreciate the feedback! HAHAH I'm glad he angers you but not to worry I sort of made a mistake and set his damage to 98 instead of 58... but if you wait maybe a week or two the new update will have the fixed version of him with less health and he will kill you in 2 hits.

i installed it into mods folder and i installed the mod that you said we most download for it but its not working what should i do?
What kind of error are you getting?

Verruckt keeps crashing for me, sadly. Besides that....yeah, holy crap this mod is amazing. It's like if killing floor, black ops 1 zombies, and that zombie chicken taco mod for waw have a twisted love child, but in all the best ways. Looooving it.
​​​​​​​Thank you yess that is exactly what it is also don't forget crappy flash zombie games is there anything specific you do that keeps causing it to crash or no? I'm just curious so I can maybe have a better idea on what could be causing the crashing.
16 days ago
Nah I'm afraid I can't share them and also the files are no longer on my pc since my hardrive died. I got them to work using my friends conversion rig also thanks! 8)
This mod is great! It pumps new life into the maps in my opinion.

But I have question, would you be allowed to release the assets for bo3 ai zombie animations? Or explain how you got the anims on to the older rigs, I've been trying to get them in my game for a while now.

Double Post Merge: May 02, 2019, 04:31:07 am

Keep saying "connecting" after selecting zombies on the menu, can't select online or solo
This happens in default bo1 as well to fix it just keep restarting the game or launch the maps via developer console. 
23 days ago

I'm happy to see Electric Cherry and PHD get more utility, really opens up the oppertunity to make different builds; awesome work!
Thanks!, the perks needed some more redeeming factors and it's perfect to make them useful against the unforgiving zombie types.
26 days ago
Patch 1.1 is out feel free to give it a go!, changelog is above, Also remember if loading a map takes you a black screen open the developer console by pressing "`" and enter the command   /map_restart to relaunch the map (Tested several times and worth with multiple people).
26 days ago


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