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Appreciate it!, Have you checked your game mod version or updated drivers? thats usually the only time it happens to me.
Great mod but every time i load a game all my textures are missing not the textures of the map ...
303 days ago
 Why?, cause I wanted too, Yeah you gotta repack for 15000 per gun but your guns will still deal a decent amount of damage + deadshots headshot multiplier. I'm glad you like the mod, but these features are going to stay.
[quote author=gimmyneutron link=topic=17012.msg161524#msg161524 d...
303 days ago
First off, Thank you to everyone who played the mod and still continues to this day!, this update was not actually meant to be released before but seeing as some cleaning up was needed I present to you with Patch 1.5 (sadly difficulty launching is still a thing). Anyways have fun!
307 days ago
I can't even describe with words how good this mod is. Everything is very high quality and complex.
NikolaiLikesVodka, this is goddamn masterpiec...
348 days ago

wow, the Exo Boss/ The King is pretty strong hahah
i know you said its final version, but ive written some stuff that you might want
(and through this year i will have alot of time to playtest anything. pm if ...
391 days ago
Holy heck this is one of the most insane mods for Call of Duty in general I've ever played. I used to play a bunch of modded WaW but never knew Black Ops had mods. Decided to try this one out and my god it's amazing....
458 days ago


I specialize in audio design and weapon porting, but a majority of the time I do stuff in the audio department.


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