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Hey there trem,

How you doin'?
It's weird, but I suddenly remembered all the stuff I used to do with WaW and this site.

@tomikaze Don't know if you're still active, but I keep remembering you all of a sudden as well.
2 years ago
That's some amazing work right there!
7 years ago
good map but somethings that just annoy me 1 when tele to pap when you come back the zombies camp you and 2 why almost no wall wepons?

I fixed those things in the latest update, it's not yet in the UGX manager, but hopefully it will be soon.
Here's the download link:!bBIlwZhC!2uE7dtg1bITsznqGSSoCfAKsuOd-po0tZ9KVcQodDZ4
7 years ago
I panicked and screamed when the boss followed me, and my hands are still shaking, lol. Awesome map indeed.
7 years ago
Holy shit, that looks really good!!! Looking forward to see more :D
7 years ago
for 1.1 perhaps do Five or another BO1 map?

Or ascension? Who knows...
7 years ago
Wow, I'm very interested to see how this turns out.
Hello Everyone!
This is my second map.
I Thought i would do a Kino Remake But with a twist that its a 1930 version with new locations and an outside playable area!
And Old hospital Building next to the ally You can Play in! (Maybe)
I was planning to do the same with my Kino for UGX 1.1, lol. I guess I will think of something else.
GJ and keep going man :)
8 years ago
been having troubles with my ISP, that took longer than it should, anyway here's the updated one:!bBIlwZhC!2uE7dtg1bITsznqGSSoCfAKsuOd-po0tZ9KVcQodDZ4

8 years ago
It's a lot better, but the zombies still get kinda derpy after you teleport. Beats dying instantly though  :D

This window on the stage still can't be manually boarded up...not a huge deal I suppose.
(Image removed from quote.)

Thanks Tom and everybody else. I've just fixed this window and few more things. The derpy thing always happens when using a kino style teleporter, I can't do anything about it, lol.

I'm currently uploading the map. Will post the link as soon as it finishes.
8 years ago
The map has been updated.

Update notes:
-Zombies no longer come at players after teleporting.
-You can open any door you like, upstairs or downstairs, the map is circular now.
-The map has traps now.
-Widened some areas and made better paths.
-Detailed some areas in the map especially the theater area.
-Better lighting and texture tiles.

Some pictures:


DOWNLOAD LINK:!bBIlwZhC!2uE7dtg1bITsznqGSSoCfAKsuOd-po0tZ9KVcQodDZ4

Thanks everyone for encouraging me, and forgive me for taking too long...

When running the game select "kinodertoten" from the mods list (I renamed the map, it used to be "nazi_zombie_kinoder"  I believe..)

8 years ago
Thanks man.

I feel bad for making a new topic though  :poker:

8 years ago
Whenever I start my map these appear in the top left corner:

Also when I open a door it shows "zoneX" activated.
They're not really a problem, but does anyone know how to turn them off?

I recently downloaded UGX mod v1.0.4 and added it to my map.
8 years ago
I finally managed to get it to work.
self.tag_origin setmodel("tag_origin");
these two lines were commented out. I simply removed "//" and now it works in the game.
Also, instead of using a script_struct (which is linked to the trap trigger) in radiant, I used script_origin.

do the script you're using sets the angle something like this?

zapperfx_origin.angles = (-90,0,0);

i dont remember if it was correct like that but you need that -90 for it to be vertical(cause in my case it was underground lol) also theres one zapper fx which doesnt play, but i dont remember well. if you need more help ill look into my files  :)

Please do. This might help with the FX being off few grids in the game.
Thanks :)
8 years ago
are you using ignore files?

If you are, maybe its in there

I checked, it only got sfx and voiceovers.
8 years ago
I think one shot is an electric spark, isn't it? I'm not at my pc but I thought it was this one: misc/fx_zombie_electric_trap

Looks like this in dlc3_code.gsc
level._effect["zapper"]					= loadfx("misc/fx_zombie_electric_trap");

If that isn't the issue, there was an issue with the standard script before. I'm not sure which you are using. You can see here in an old post:

Unfortunately the links are all broken.

I have that line in my dlc3_code.gsc and also have those FX lines in zone_source.
still have no idea why it's not showing up :(

I'll try some things, thank you both.
8 years ago
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