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REALISM MODE 3.0 IN DER RIESE MAP  :rainbow: :rainbow: :rainbow: :nyan:
What the...? How do you know this? Are you some genius level intelligent super spy?!
33 days ago
Yes thats the map, ive already been their and yes the link is broke! Cant find a single link anywhere, ive been through so many google pages looking and cant find it. Somebodys gotta have it downloaded and now its my m...
62 days ago
Oh man, I totally remember this map. This was the one where Nickst98 did 99% of the mapping and then Weezy428 tried to take credit for it  :P
Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.
74 days ago
Huge thanks to BluntStuffy, he spent countless hours making this mod; on top of that he had to listen to me brainstorm ideas endlessly - that must have been excruciating. There is nothing that Blunt can't do and this mod proved it. He's a zombie modding god of the rarest kind and a hell of...
77 days ago
I can have a beta by this weekend for you
That would be awesome! Maybe I even donate ;)
78 days ago
you might enjoy my upcoming evil dead project
Evil. Dead. Project? How do I get on the waiting list? Is there VIP access? I've been known to "do favors" to get maps early  ;) My Yo...
78 days ago


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