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Messages - SE2Dev

Keep in mind that should game_mod work with a crack (or anything similar) it's purely coincidental - it's intended to be run with the a legitimate Steam version of the game.
7 years ago
When exactly does this occur? Does the game window open at all? Have you tried running BO_Mods.bat as an administrator? And are you using a legit Steam copy of the game?
7 years ago
when i try to lunch BO_Mods it gave me this error assertion c:\users\se2dev\documents\github\linker_mod\components\game_mod\.../shared/utility.h(31): *opcode==0xe8 so can you tell me hot to fix that

Are you using any sort of crack or game patch?
7 years ago
Are you sure about that?  ???

Idk probably. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
7 years ago
Can you exlplain what this does? And what you changed? The first thing I notice is that the contrast and gamma look messed with.

To clarify - its a combination of T4M  and the XGI graphics mod seen here:

The original poster of this thread has informed me that the provided download link is incorrect, and he cannot fix it due to the fact that he does not have editing permission on his account yet.

Edit: He's asked me to post an updated link for him.!SYsiiaDQ!ZVxoy82zUEIie0jzFp2fpeCuNHKBMRLhffwxdMdAp54
7 years ago
When i load the map it comes up with "could load  Zombie_floodacc_n"

Do you have the Ascension DLC?
8 years ago
Do i need to have the ascension dlc in order to play this?

Of course
8 years ago
So Mac users can't download Game Mod. Is it possible to install the files the old way? If not, I'd appreciate a post of the files. Thanks in advance

Not unless the Mac version came with mod tools.
8 years ago
I tried it but it still means we need to replace gamefiles :(
but yeah mabey this is something what we can further test to find a way to have it still included LOL(as I having a way not to replace gamefiles  but I think there is no other way)

What he just described was adding the video to your mod, not modifying game files...

when do you think the black ops 1 mod tools will release? anytime soonish? or we talking like next year  ;D

Whenever they're ready.
8 years ago
I like the tool the only thing im struggling with is  2 unused bosses to all the BO and WAW maps _zombiemode_ai_boss and _zombiemode_ai_ape but are invisible and can't hurt them any suggestions

You need to manually rip / convert the models and anims using Lemon and Lime, and then include them with your mod. I haven't really messed with the ape boss, but I know that the engineer one functions based on spawners & script structs which literally part of the map. To properly add boss support you'd have to edit the maps themselves which isn't really possible - the workaround (which I assume is what you're doing) would be to change the model & anims of a single zombie via script.
8 years ago
In MP you have to put a / before the command so try that.

Yes - and assuming the command you typed is valid, pressing tab will automatically add the / to the beginning of it.
8 years ago
Will it fix scripting problems like Spawnings

I have no idea what you're talking about, do explain.
8 years ago
Uhhh how the hell are there custom maps on bo1

8 years ago
So, we'll be able to play and create custom zombie maps on Black Ops now?

This mod allows you to play mods / maps similarly to how they worked in WAW, among other things.
The map tools aren't finished yet, so you can't make maps just yet.
8 years ago
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