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Cheer's for the inputs guys, means a lot..

ugx mod has now been removed. At the moment i will leave it just running basic waw stuff in till the layout is close to finished. Then i will look in to adding some custom stuff..   
1957 days ago
Yeah custom would be much nicer and more original.. Once i get the play area done, i will play a few games and see how it plays..

Could always release to versions, one custom and one with the ugx mod..

Once again, thanks for the input means a lot
1957 days ago
Cheer guys..

Spoiler added
1957 days ago
Zombie Camp
The zombie apocalypse hit and it was time to survive and setup camp.
Set between an old farm and a run down old train station they set up camp, hoping to hold off the hordes and survive the zombie apocalypse.

Will they survive? Only time will tell...

Features removed for the time being, main focus at the moment is mapping. Once i get the basic layout im looking for done, i will then start adding in some custom stuff.


Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.
1957 days ago
You know your map will come out good, when FreeCodCinematics rises from the dead :D

Haha.. 8)

Took a small break, but im back for some love now  :P

1958 days ago
Great work matey, coming along nicely  8)
1958 days ago
Nice little addin for a lot of people that matey. Will come in good use  8)
2230 days ago
Cheers guys..



Double Post Merge: August 14, 2014, 02:52:22 pm
lel it crashes my radient... but from the pics the only thing ill recommend is making the arcs smoother by shift [(Image removed from quote.)
a pic of the arcs^

I'll have a look now mate.. Also cheers for letting us know
2230 days ago

Just a placeable church for players to run through. Room for 3 perk machines.

Edit if you wish!.

Prefab has no clipping inside, so user must clip if they do not want players glitching. Church has lights and reflection, but alter at will by all means.


Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.
2230 days ago
Looking good so far dude, nice job!..  8)
2251 days ago
Very nice dude, great prefab  8)
2267 days ago
Nice work dude.. Spot on  8)
2279 days ago
Yeah definitely.. People can always change the textures if they need to, to fit there map  :)
2280 days ago
Looks okay to me dude, nice work!  8)
2281 days ago


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