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I was wondering how to change the display text when it says "Press F to buy...", into something else. Maybe in all caps, I'm guessing it's in a language file somewhere?
1008 days ago
Okay I was trying to give you some insight to the problem, not be an asshole. I said it could be a problem with your shadow settings.
What? I never found it rude, just I didn't see how someone could tell I have bad graphics settings.
1359 days ago
The Vortex

The Vortex is a new map made by Nova, Quocomocoa and some help from Bursting Fire 8

In The Vortex you have been summoned by the gods to protect a land full of zombies wanting to destroy the Temple of Abyss where the only black hole on earth remains. It is your job to slay all the zombies and successfully defend the Temple.

  • No dogs*
  • Easter Egg**
  • Custom weapon*
  • 3 mini easter eggs*
  • Classic zombies stuff (eg. Perks,PAP etc.)**
*Maybe **Guaranteed

Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.


If you are missing from the credits, please let me know and I will fix it ASAP!

Extra Stuff
We are look for (a) scripter(s)
If you have intermediate knowledge about scripting then PM Me and I will get back to you as soon as I can.
1362 days ago
This may be an issue with your shadow quality setting. I noticed that from afar having shadow quality on Medium can make shadows look pixel-y. And your settings appear to be very low.
Wow, we got ourselves a detective here. Yes, I do have my settings on low because my PC can barely handle it.
1362 days ago
Hello, I'm having this error with COD WAW and  the co-op mode with it. Every time when I play with my friends it keeps saying trying to join potential matches then says the match doesn't exist.

Note: I am NOT port forwarding to fix it, I have looked up on google fixes, but none worked for me.

If you need any info about my PC or internet then just ask.
1363 days ago
Everytime I run my map it ends before I can spawn in, I know it's not the .gsc file and my fpstool texture is on my map. Does anyone know why thats happening?
Have you got the proper KVP's?
1364 days ago
I'm having a brainfart with this. Whats the button to enter vertex selection mode? As in terrain patches.
1365 days ago
I've started a new map (no spoilers) and after getting all the files in the proper place I tested it and found 2 errors just with risers.

Error 1 : As you can see the zombies have (what looks like) the default model with a zombie fused with it. This happens everytime I use the script placer/start a new map.

Error 2 : The risers don't have the dust effect or have animations, they just spawn with the rising sound playing as they spawn.

Any fixes to both these problems would be appreciated. Thanks in advanced <3

1365 days ago
I've tried duplicating the zm_levelcommon_weapons file and deleting the weapons I don't want in my map, changing my GSC and CSC to connect to the edited file, yet when I test my map the weapons that I "restricted" are still in the box, any help?
1367 days ago
That tutorial didnt work for me. Theres no screen shot that tell me exactly what to do because im no scriptor  :please:

Well it's not that hard to follow, even I got that working and neither am I  :alone:
1369 days ago
Sorry for bumping a kind of old thread, but did you manage to solve the issue? I just got this today, had no issues previously.
Yes, I did fix it. Verifying or reinstalling should fix it.
1370 days ago
Hey! Could anyone tell me how to make a Player spawner in zombies? I Cant't find anywhere on how to do it! Thanks!
What do you mean? As in the spawn point? For that you go to info -> info_player_start (i think)
EDIT : In the entity browser
1370 days ago
Looks cool! Did you port it or recreate it from scratch?
1370 days ago
5. How to increase player's perk limit
There is a tutorial on the tutorial desk about doing this.
1371 days ago


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