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since this map is from mw3 and remapped it for bo3. ( you might need to check the section where u posting a.t.m )
885 days ago
Hardhat zombies

-- Background story --

After the massive attack from makarov, the workers cleared up the mess and started to work once again on the building. In 2020, this facility will be the location for training the army to prevent an attack on the united sates of america after makarov tried to rule the world.

But, the nasty chemical bombs caused that the ground and all food supplies where poisened. They turned into some kind of crackheads that only thinks of one thing in their mind. Your flesh and blood. The site is abondend ever since untill today.

Fight your way trough the hordes, looking for the 3 blue switches. After that, make sure you get the F#ck out of there soldier. There is no time to sit back and relax on this mission, They will come from anywhere.

-- Ingame addons --

- Small EE ( You need to find the 7 blue switches. Easy to find as they come in a certain order. )
- Buyable Wonder Weapon ( wunder, thunder and raygun )
- Buildable Dragonshield ( and upgradeable ) ( harrybo21 )
- Perks ( HarryBo21 )
- Wallbuys ( harrybo21 & CrafftDAnimations )
- Map design ( asus51 on Gamebanana. Please note: This map was designed for WaW ) And majorly redesigned for zombies by me ( GamingHQ )
- Buyable end ( 50.000 points ) ( script by CrafftDAnimations )
- Credits annoucer ( NateSmithZombies ( NSZ ) )
- Black ops 2 guns, waw guns and Black ops 1 as well for the normal Black ops 3 guns. ( Harrybo21 )
- Soulchests
- NEW! Added 5 Traps ( acid trap, fan trap, fire trap, chain and the gun turret. ( all costs 1000 ) ( harrybo21 and synmo )

Map located >
888 days ago
The diary of Sergeant mack

The corvus project was done for. After a big fight with makarov, we finnally could take a min of breath before we already got assigned to a new project. As we already spoke of the corvus project, we needed to exterminate the last labratory that was located on an island nearby.

A quik inside and outside job as we mostly speak. This will be easy for us as most of the enemy is already being taken out. Makarov and the corvus virus? That would be a whole new world war three upcoming, not against soldiers.. but flesh eating maggots who are dumb enough for beliving in the ''cure'' and toke it after the fake news came out about the nuke that was dropped. Those evil plans are not going to be completed now makarov is dead.

We have been tolt that there are enough guns on the location that we can use. We heard that our sergeant harrybo21 made this possbile for us. Also we have the confirmation that the beers ( perks ) are also from harrybo21 as well for the awesome gadgets we can create. Such a shame those bloody zombies toke the parts and lay them across the map.

When we are done fighting, we can escape thought the emergency exit in the garagebox on the top floor. Thanks to natesmithzombies, we can escape when the eat is getting to high. But, his price is expensive so we need to be prepaired to collect as much cash as possible.

Those zombies are crawling everywhere. Its a side effect of the corvus virus in combination with healty people who doenst have the cure inside them. Natesmithzombies reduced it, but it doenst have much effects. ( jumping zombies, climbing zombies and jumping down traversals prefabs )

-- short info --

Welcome to our second map called Das Basis Versteck. This map is recreated from the mw2 map source terminal and is revamped into a ''lost labratory'' feeling. This map is created within 2 months so please dont expect the best of it.

The map is big, it has a lot of addons and ill explain them all here.

content from ( harrybo21 )
- Perks ( max 9 perks )
- Soulchests
- Buildable Sliquifer
- Buildable Dragon Shield
- Buildable upgrade for blundergat
- Buildable staffs ( all 4 )
- Guns, Gersch, lil arnie

buyable end, zombie traversals and credits ( nate smith zombies )

Tutorials followed from ice Grenade

buyable end is 50K

-- Please note --

The game is buggy ASF. This map can be played, however, some sounds are broken. We are working on that.

Map located >
888 days ago
Map: black erosion


We got another assignment. This time, killing massive hordes on an old place we have been before. They said that the erosion got transformed into a historic location for the older materials that they have used a while ago.

Our Back support is once again from harrybo21, However, the drop of all the perks and buildables are spread across the map. When we need to get out quickly, the blue switch would help us get out. As far we know of, this location is classified but could be exposed when we get those old trophy systems active again. Thankyou natesmithzombies for the buyable ending as well for the credits.

Special shoutout and thank you for ezzocorbi, he ported all mw3 content we used and we are glad for the support he gave us! Together, we stand stronger.

- - -

1. The power switch can be opened by buying 4 information boards across the map. ( 6K points total )
2. Pack a punch can be opened by activating the 4 trophy systems that are hidden across the map. ( 10K total )
3. buildable shield
4. Upgradeable shield ( hidden somewhere )
5. Acid gat support for blundergat
6. Buildable sliquifier
7. Buyable thundergun and wunderwaffe
8. 9 perks
9. Timed gameplay
10. buyable ending ( 50K )

Recommend for 4 players ( alone makes it way to easy )

Map location >

888 days ago
The first step in solving mistakes and problems is to recognize them, and that is clear to you.  ;)

My two cents: Do not be in a hurry to finish the map. Try to get everything you've proposed. In this site you have many tutorials and help to learn and thus to be able to solve those faults that you comment.

Yes, that's correct. If i make something, i make sure it works. Last week, i almost finished with the underground trainstation that totally doenst look like a trainstation at all yet :P Need to add a lot of models into it, but looking for the right models is an hell of an job in that whole list of xmodels. ( if there was a way to get is faster, i would die of happyness to get my hands on it )

I only still need to make the buyable ending, but that script is somewhere here on the forums, so that will be easy to find.

i have also an question for you, for example...

zone1 > zone2 > zone3> zone 4> if user go's from zone4 trough an ''bridge'' to zone 2, do i also need to add this as an ''enter_zone2'' in the zoning section?
1331 days ago
Please be aware that this map will no longer work due corrupted prefabs by a kiddo that doenst know how porting guns work.
I have spended 5 full days for adding these guns. Some script changes needed to be made but that caused an bad syntax error and a whole list of errors in the console. So i'm a bit screwed by a kid.

So now i have learned from this mistake, i will need to startover again. A new map? hellyea!. When? i dont know.

As i wanted to wait for this release, i just could not sit still and teasing a bit with my first upcoming zombies map.
 Please be informed that my maps will always contain mistakes, bugs or any other wrong made area's. ( you wont see it,
 but this map has for example a whole wine cellar that i wanted to make but failed a bit of experience in mapping. )


Content of the map

Small tight corners and hallways.
No dog rounds ( no bosses as well, reason explained at introduction )
Forest area as this map is called lumberhq ofc.
PaP EE ( EE done, testing and updating area )
Harrybo21 perks mod

upcoming content of the map
Buyable end ( EE  PaP done needed for the next steps )
Fake buyable's ( they wont kill you, but it would be a bit harder to play the map as it opens extra zombie spawn area's  :rainbow: )


Welcome to lumberHQ, my first map that i am going to release next month on ugx. As the most of people are done with ''one zone maps'' and needed something more power then having everything in hand reach. As everyone tries to do his best for creating the most wonderfull mods such as das herrenhaus for example, i would never reach something highly skilled to create something like that. Even if i could, with autism in the way my concentration is 100% zero when i make mistakes.

As for myself, modding is hard and i fully understand the struggles that everyone has when there work gets stolen or not credited. Now the Bo3 mods rising out of XXXXing nowhere, with mods that are every single time outdated or waw remade maps that are remastered by people that doenst be the owner of the waw version. Hexagon is one of them for example.
This is what i started to think why not making one for myself, from the ground up with just youtube as my best bud.

What a shame, my PC doenst like sun baking and crashes when i want to convert everything. That's why i recreated the mod for WaW users and i hope you would love it. As most users included zombie dog rounds or brutes or any other wicked/sick/mental boss that loves to hug you with his teeth/chainshaw/grappling hooks and everything in between. I wanted to keep it simple, with just the basic stuff from the mod tools. ( EE is selfmade, but not the perks or the buy-able end as harrybo21 will be credited and the person that shared his buyable end script )

Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

UPDATED! V1.02 Read below

Updates in V1.02
  • Easter egg to PaP buyable locations moved to new area spot. hard to find locations as only one clue as been shown.
  • Underground trainstation added (With an EE included that gives an hint for next map release  :lol:
  • Added 4 more zones ( one of them is the trainstation )
  • Moved some textures.. ( damn, i hate blend :/ )

Please note: My areo sidecooler ( with led  :rainbow: ) of my desktop computer died due extreme heats in the Netherlands. This means i have some delay in my work at the moment. 
1349 days ago
As i played several wicked and sick good looking maps, i was wondering why there is no such map as in black ops 3 where you basically going back into time with other maps as well.

Would it be cool if several mappers could stick the hands together and make something like that but for the custom made maps here on the ugx community forumboard. Just for having the back old good times when we played world at war so much that the disk becomes a digital code for steam. ( does anyone feel himself getting old already? :P )

if its possible, what would you suggest that these map makers would do and what would be your top 5?

everyone a happy upcoming weekend!
1368 days ago
cancelled?  :'( i was so waiting for this map. i'm addicted to zelda and i was literally crying when someone was making a map about it. How does it come that's been canceled?
1594 days ago
Hello everyone, i'm new to radiant and new to the modding of a zombie map. I'm not sure what radiant can and cant offer. So if this question is stupid or noobish  :gusta: i'm sorry.

I am busy with a complete map pack with story line with the things that's already been placed in the radiant files. Yes, i love going basic, and trying to create something with just some changes. All maps will needed T4M as well due the Harry's perks and the black ops 2 ported guns by NSZ black ops 2 guns.

Now, i have been working a lot on the forgotten lab that's been a bit delayed due some errors ( a fix is on his way for that, vocation is more important then a silly game. We all deserve that time.  ) so i started to work on the first map called chambers of secrets ( not a harry potter related map ) with will only be one zoned due a ''run or die'' map ( something like zombie hotel, where u buy yourself up to power etc. )

Now is my question that, if there a buy-able debris is bought, could it also command to activate several other spawns as well? or must this been done with zones? This question could be handy as well on the other maps as well that i have planned.

Let me know peeps. Everyone a great vocation-time and dont drink to much  :lol: <3
1623 days ago
a few tips.
add some debris(not buyable debris but detail debris) so it doesn't just look like open areas and you cant just train for days anywhere
don't use textures with _blend at the end as the main ground texture, thats why you can see the zombies underground.
if that is a custom texture just don't make it a blend texture.
if you move the stg prefab out .25 it won't keep colliding with the wall.

its coming along pretty good keep it up man!

thanks for those tips, lucky i already fixed those problems. The second video is basically almost the  full map, but buyables are already been placed and even several EE's for the big journey to the buy-able end. because without Paping ur guns, you wont never find the buy-able's for the end section. 15 buy able traps ( selfmade ) will be added as well. Think of shortcut's that Arent shortcut's at all. A rising maze in the most darkest places while the train station is just around the corner.
1626 days ago
map look good

thank-you, i'm struggling now a bit with the Black ops 2 ported guns. But when everything is done, this map is going to be wicked. I cant say much, but let we say that some of the buy-able debris wont be a happy thing, they will open the gates of hell.

I cant say more yet, but its going to be wicked  :lol:  :accepted:
1626 days ago
So, with some blurry backgrounds and bugs from literally everywhere, i created the mapping where all the playing will be.

This map will need the following plugin to work:

- T4M

Map information

at least 25 buy able debris will be added and several small buyable's ( of 250 P or 500 P ). Several are already placed. With 1100 path nodes and a double of them still needs to be placed, this could be one of the biggest maps?.

A second preview of the forgotten lab. Still contains several bugs, such as path node breaks etc. This is because everything is one zone and not several zones. and with the buyable's, things will go yolo  :gusta:

- Perks from black ops 1, 2 and 3 are added.
- PaP Easter egg in progress ( explanation is a bit under )
- Houses edited
- zip line is working


- ported guns from several cod series will be added
- own written story line ( yes more maps in the future such as a cod storyline, but then own written.. why not right? ^_^ )
- buy-able end.
- buy-able maze.
- buy-able traps. ( you wont die  :troll: )
- invisible maze ( idea comes from one of my favorite maps that i love to play )
- With the dogs, also a boss will spawn.. but when? and how?

The PaP EEG is finding several nukes in walls. Those are 2000 buyables and gives you acces to shortcuts or even more hell as well. With the three right buyables, you get more to see when you going across the zip line. Missing a buyable? go find it, otherwise you wont have acces. Also, a 1.500 points needs to be with you as well, a zip line doesn't work on free power right?  :P

Several buy able doors with no buy able sign, will be only found in 3 chambers. A music box would be somewhere with a catchy tune. Find the item and you will find the buy able debris. ( these will be around 500 or 750 )  for example, Eminem with cleaning out my closet. With several closets, it will be a easy find of course.  :troll:

With lots of space and tight corners of fun, this map is the one for having fun with your friends.

1630 days ago
Good morning fellow gamers and zombie lovers. Today, i presenting you the map The forgotten lab but first a little of myself because this is my first post.

I'm 24 years old, living in a world with lies. With autism and 100% rejected for proper work, i try to live my life by trying new things out. This year, its modding and if i love something, its shooting like a crazy dude for some good high levels.  :lol:

After several try's with knowledge of literally none, a lot of errors and 5 times a reinstall of the mod tools and the game itself ( thanks for diduknownipwn for the explanation of several errors and how to fix trough steam ) i finally managed to have everything working. 

This zombie mod, wont be just a regular map with Easter eggs and a buy able ending. You will need to think hard when you hear something form the radio's. So please make sure you have music on, otherwise finding the items will be hard to open the next door. For example, you will hear dragonforce - trough fire and flames... Good luck with hunting and find the item that fits the song. Its basically a buy able debris, but without the song it will be a hard to find location.

Some buildings on the map was as a free download on several website's and one of them was not related to zombies at all. I rebuild them, gives them the missing parts to give the houses a awesome feeling.

And, i would love to add way more awesome future's such as ported guns and the perks of the black ops series. Even if there are people that are willing to help me out and learning me new things would be great as well.

For now, i can give you a YouTube video with the map. yes, it still needs a lot of improvements, but this was a vid that i made for my Facebook friends.

Thanks to be a part of the ugx mod community.
1638 days ago


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