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Just a random Dutch guy passing by.
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since this map is from mw3 and remapped it for bo3. ( you might need to check the section where u posting a.t.m )
460 days ago
Hardhat zombies

-- Background story --

After the massive attack from makarov, the workers cleared up the mess and started to work once again on the building. In 2020, this facility will be the location for training the army to prevent an attack on the united sates of america af...
463 days ago
The diary of Sergeant mack

The corvus project was done for. After a big fight with makarov, we finnally could take a min of breath before we already got assigned to a new project. As we already spoke of the corvus project, we needed to exterminate the last labratory that was located on an...
463 days ago
Map: black erosion


We got another assignment. This time, killing massive hordes on an old place we have been before. They said that the erosion got transformed into a historic location for the older materials that they have used a while ago.

Our Back suppo...
463 days ago
The first step in solving mistakes and problems is to recognize them, and that is clear to you.  ;)

My two cents: Do not be in a hurry to finish the map. Try to get everything you've proposed. In th...
906 days ago
Please be aware that this map will no longer work due corrupted prefabs by a kiddo that doenst know how porting guns work.
I have spended 5 full days for adding these guns. Some script changes needed to be made but that caused an bad syntax error and a whole list of errors...
924 days ago


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