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this script is to get the total amount of zombies for the round, not the total amount of zombies alive.

Then it is not doing what it is suppose to, it just counts the zombies that are currently alive
1010 days ago
Hmm... I thought I fixed that... o_O Will look into it. ;)

you might have lol, havent used that feature since it did that on my Temple_Maze map xD
1857 days ago
If you play co op on timed gameplay and you go down and you die out it will say: Time til Respawn but that time is bugged cause it will continiue after you respawned and stay there for the rest of the game
1858 days ago
if this ever occures again it may be because you are running too many things on your computer, try to shut something down and re open the game :)
1867 days ago
No, its just that my zombie map is based off pokemon
1868 days ago
i wondered if it was possible to move the points to the right on the screen even more right?
like that?
like so the numbers won't be in the pokemons face?
1868 days ago
Have you also tried reflection probes?  :troll:
1871 days ago
I recently been working on a pokemon map (Pallet Town) and wondered if anyone could help me make custom AI's shaped as pokemon, like a charmander with a flamethrower f.eks or having a pikachu with some fancy thunder! you just have to pay like 8k for help from these awesome little creatures! :)

Double Post Merge: September 04, 2014, 09:34:42 pm
I neitheir know how to script it or to anim it so help would be great appritiated
1875 days ago
:) i struggled alot but i got it to work finally :D
2198 days ago


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