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Yay! Thank you! Going to try it out asap!
471 days ago
Thank you! It looks awesome! I'll try it out ASAP!  ;D
1275 days ago
Awesome map! Love it! /^.^)/
1411 days ago
I saved Winterfell and helped Jon Snow! :D
1435 days ago
Thank you! It looks awesome! /^ . ^)/
1440 days ago
Gotta play this map ASAP! /^ . ^)/
1442 days ago
It's there, keep looking ^.^
1443 days ago
Awesome map shinged! Love it!  ;D
1444 days ago
Yayyyyyy! A map perfect for me! /^.^)/ thank you!
1505 days ago
Thank you for the update! Gotta try it now! ^.^
1519 days ago
Thank you !!! I played it and loved it because Mule Kick works! And it has nice open areas to run, that is always much appreciated /^.^)/
1539 days ago
Thank you! Really glad there are big areas to train /^.^)/
1544 days ago
Thank you! ^.^ I'm SO going to try it ASAP!
1564 days ago
Love this remake, great work! Keep it up! ^.^
1580 days ago
Love the map, thank you! /^.^)/
1624 days ago


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