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Hey guys, I've been uploading custom Z's to my channel, I'm kinda new to this YouTube thingy, but been playing WaW, BO1 and BO2 Z's for a long time, visit, share, like and subscribe if you like it! Any suggestions are very much welcome!

Thank you!

If you're a mapper and want me to play your map, please tell me, I'll be happy to do it ^.^

Thank you guys and hope you enjoy!
1972 days ago
Hello guys, I want to upgrade my PC with an SSD drive, any suggestions on which one is the best SSD out there right now? I was thinking in getting the Samsung EVO 840 256GB
1972 days ago
Hello guys, I've been following the Custom Z's scene for a quite a time now, but haven't had the means to share this with anyone till now, I just started to make game plays online and play every map that I can, I'm not a mapper or coder, but I love to play every map that you guys make, they are awesome! :D
1972 days ago


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