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This is how it always has worked. I believe you can overlap zones but i'm not too sure. once you are in a zone, zombies will only spawn in that zone. In co-op, zombies spawn in any zone a player is in, which means more than 1 zone spawns zombies.

This is the best way for things to happen, as it allows zombies to spawn near you, and not across the map. I don't know about you, but one of the things I hate the most is when i finish a wave, but 1 or 2 walkers I cannot seem to find, and it takes me minutes just looking around to find it.

If you really want to, I believe you can hook up zombie spawns to a trigger, on one of your doors/debris, and that will cause them to spawn no matter where you are in the map. At least it was possible back in WaW.
1373 days ago
I am having the same problem. In my map, there's nowhere that would make sense for risers to come out from, so I have to make them spawn elsewhere then jump into the map.

That video is not helpful enough. It gives a general idea of what you have to do, but there are too many vague instructions. A more clear video, or explanation will help me immensely.
1398 days ago
No maps have been officially released. The mod tools just came out to the public, and the very select few have only been working on maps for the past couple months. A fully detailed, polished map will take a fair amount of time to finish entirely.

That said, there are a couple maps that, even though stated as WIP, are very clean, polished, and practically done. One of these is Fabrik der Untoten by Madgaz.

All maps and mods will (most likely) be released on the steam workshop page, instead of here on UGX. When maps get released fully, some of them may appear on the UGX finished maps section. However, not all will. A website like this isn't necessary for sharing maps anymore, as its through steam now.
1405 days ago
you should have had a bit of gameplay of the sword in use at the end. jussayin lol. i'd like to see it in action.
1435 days ago
1438 days ago
There is a pack-a-punch bug. It caused one of my pack-a-punched guns to be lost.

What I did was pack-a-punched my AN-94 twice, causing it to get a red dot sight instead of HOLO/ACOG. When I attempted to buy more ammo for the gun, it was replaced with the non pack-a-punched version.
1467 days ago
When I do the easter egg, I get the gaz and its glitched when I go back to the plane. Even on the updated version, I don't know what to do??
well, you gotta place the gaz...
Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.
1472 days ago
I created a guide video in order to find all the parts of the zombie shield, and acid gat, as well as perk and box locations, pack-a-punch, and more.

1480 days ago
Yay :) this is the map that I am most excited for. Can't wait for the release! I come here everyday waiting for an update, i'm that excited.
1583 days ago


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