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I'm not sure about Ultra, Bo3 likes its VRAM once you start turning up settings and it likes its horsepower, not sure about IW. To give a reference I have a 3GB R9 280X and it runs BO3 at High at 1080p at 80-100FPS.
i call bs on that... i was able to run bo3 on a verry shitty computer (that can only run waw ~20 fps) @ 280 fps... bo3 is not nearly demanding as waw is
1691 days ago

how do i fix? this happens when i try to build my map
my graphics card is intel
1765 days ago
what does look like? the error might b in there
1833 days ago
Bwc66930 learned how to do it from my friend Nikolai/Partisan Executioner,  And bwc66930 knows a lot about modding also :P
bs :D he only knows purple and nekos! anything else goes through 1 ear and out the other
1866 days ago
Wow dude. If only I had freaking waited.I'd recommend to use tom's ipak tool.Yeah from Black Ops 2 I've gotten just about everything, scripts, sounds, images, models, animations, weaponfiles, and if you put some of those together properly, you get a BO2 gun.
i know about the ipak tool baka :D i was saying another tool to rip textures from
1867 days ago
Thank you so much! I'm probably going to buy it in that case. Are there any tutorials on how to import textures from BO2? (I already have one for guns)
same way u import anyother material... its a magical device called asset manager. It should be covered in your tutorial on guns
1868 days ago
and if u know some1 (or do a quick google search) you can get the scripts :D but ya sounds, anims, models\textures, and ideas are what u can get from bo2.... oh and a whole lot of inappropriate emblems (cuz.... DAT AZZ)
1868 days ago
(Image removed from quote.)
theres a better meme of mE made by jr:

(ps, yes i have bookmarked it and anytime anyone asks who n1 is, that is my response :troll:)
1868 days ago
bwc66930 taught me. I used to do it with scripts. This way is way nicer to work with.
wait did i just hear what should never be spoken, let alone outloud? BWC TAUGHT? impossible! i need proof!
1868 days ago
Next up: An interview with NGCaudle, famous creator of several box maps all in the same day.
next up an interview on mak and his map that will never b finished
1872 days ago
too many separate materials
1874 days ago
trem probally tripped over the internet cable again 0.o
1874 days ago
they cant find the breadcrumbs that the players drop :D
might wanna put turrets in your map to keep them crows away, CROWS LOVE BREAD!
1876 days ago
seems a bit too dark
seems a bit blury... and u know, not as epic without the glow outta the side :D
1876 days ago


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