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Messages - Delta

Thanks <3
And the site will stay to it's core Zombies and nothing more :)
But I totally understand why it could have been mistaken, while I was developing that feature I thought why stop with "shocking content" and rather add a +18 as well in case thats needed. Didn't thought about adult content and more like mature content or dark jokes.
Probably will update the description to better explain it and include that adult content is disallowed and remind about the rules. Just to be sure :D
2 months ago
Adult content ist still not allowed (forum rules).
The NSFW tags are available for (ironically) zombie content. Blood, gore, etc.
I received a couple of google alerts about 2-3 sites which are flagged.
The tag will ensure it won't be visible and therefore it might be searchable again.
Because everything is publicly viewable,
I wanted to offer some tags to hide this sensitive content, although yeah it's zombies and well most likely most of the content should behind a NSFW tag :D
2 months ago
:sparkles: New Update is live! :smiling_face_with_3_hearts:
  • Added NSFW (18+ & shocking) spoilers
  • Backend improvements for better performance and stability
  • Improvements to privacy handling and some UI/UX improvements
  • Continue fight against spam bots :robot_face:, some more checks and additional protection added
  • Added back twitter emojis (but still no 15.1 support :cry:) and set as default provider
  • Added Word Wrap option to code blocks
  • Tweak reply / quote / report buttons
  • Better Announcement banners + option to collapse / expand them + new UGX News announcement banner
  • Lots of fixes, moste notable the issues with CKEditor (forum text editor)

The full change log with better explanation is available here:
Also documentation for the Avatar Editor has been completed:
- :ugxmods_blue::dolphin:
2 months ago
Update complete, downtime was < 1 hour :)
The forum won't be available for a few hours on Wednesday, 29th May 2024.
The forum will be updated and some database changes will be applied to improve the performance. :rocket:
Unfortunately I can't say at what time exactly it will start and how long it will take, but it will happen between 13:00 - 20:00 UTC+0.
In theory it should only take a few minutes :sweat_smile:
:ugxmods_blue: UGX-Mods
2 months ago
@IceGrenade just download the exe and instead of executing it, simply open it with 7-zip (rightlick, 7-Zip open archive) and extract the mod folder yourself.
A zip could be as harmful as an exe. So be sure to use the latest version of 7zip (or whatever extract too you use).
3 months ago
The UGX-Mods Knowledge Base has been shutdown (on 27th Feb 2024) and replaced with our new UGX-Mods Community Wiki at
It has the same content as before, but with some cleanup and restructuring.
It is now possible to contribute changes yourself <3Simply take a look at our GitHub Repository at
Our Knowledge Base was available for over 10 years, the migration to our new WikiJS instance took quite some time and effort and hopefully it will last for at least another 10 years ;)
If you need help, found an issue or want to leave feedback then simply post under this topic or join our UGX-Mods Discord and have  a look at the #community-wiki room.
Please note: It's not 100% perfect yet. Over time it will be improved (or you contribute changes yourself ;))!
5 months ago
FYI: an hotfix was released (v0.8.84b-beta) to fix a couple of issues found after the release. It also contains some moderation / admin features of the next release (v0.8.85-beta) already. :rocket:
5 months ago
Update time! :smiling_face_with_3_hearts:
Most noteworthy changes:
  • Attachments improvements
    • better embed display of attachments (gallery, video / audio web player)
    • allow drag & drop of files into the post area to add it
    • allow to change the order of attachments
    • better style
  • Improved post page, to highlight attachment and post settings better
  • New style of radio and checkboxes
  • Reworked share post widget
  • In general some UI/UX fixes / improvements
  • The nostalgic version of the UGX Web Chat has been updated as well:
    • new blue design and removed legacy stuff
    • usercard is now visible on avatar / username click
    • fixed some bugs and glitches
    • chat server is more stable now

Enjoy some images / videos of my dog Caya to showcase the new improved attachment display (you must read the full message to see the lovely fluff :dog2:).
There will be another announcement soon about the new UGX-Mods Wiki once it's fully migrated.
For now and real quick: is deprecated and the new place will be (which is as the time of this post incomplete and not fully migrated yet!)
Display issues? Try to clear your browser cache!
Full changelog:
5 months ago
Delta's insane box map confirmed. Maybe with actually working zombies :hand_with_index_and_middle_fingers_crossed:
7 months ago
We wish everyone a Happy New Year :fireworks:
Next round! 2024 is here! Whatever you have planned for this year, be sure to slay some zombies from time to time!

Thank You <3

Thanks for your continuous support and love from this amazing community.
:ugxmods: UGX-Mods Team
7 months ago
Holiday greetings from UGX-Mods-Team. :christmas_tree:
Enjoy some wonderful moments with your loved ones. :snowman:
Thanks for sticking with us! See you all in the new year <3
Take the remaining days to play some christmas / winter themed custom zombie maps! ;)
- :ugxmods_blue:  UGX-Mods Team
7 months ago
Please have a look on the dedicated ugx map manager page:
In short: It's a technical issue which we can't fix for now and your best shot is to use a VPN to change your IP.
8 months ago
After almost 2 years a new update has been finally deployed and is live. :smiling_face_with_3_hearts:
Most noteworthy changes:
  • Performance improvements (PHP8.2, optimized DB queries, etc. -> faster page loads)
  • Avatar Editor (Try it out:
  • Better code highlight with line options, Scripting Syntax support and more options
  • Added OpenSearch support. (You can now add the UGX-Mods Forum search to your browser search)

This is a huge update and I'm happy that it's finally deployed.
I'll keep monitoring the page and will fix issues which might still happening (it's hard to track during development vs when it's live and thousands of users use the website).
Display issues? Try to clear your browser cache!
Full changelog:
Development Statistics
First commit was September 22, 2021 (so roughly two years to this version!)
Code Changes (commit count / lines of code added / lines of code removed / total lines of code)
  • ugx_smf (Forum) 109 commits / 77,272++ / 70,824-- / 417,642
  • ugx_root (Frontpage and other sub pages which are not the forum): 25 commits / 36,155++ / 19,577-- / 35,168  
10 months ago
Shortener Download link replaced with direct link (
Only a shortener link to is disallowed. A direct link must be present at first!
1 year ago
We wish everyone a Happy New Year :fireworks:
2023 here we come! Whats your wish for this year?

Thank You <3

Thanks for your continuous support and love from this amazing community.
:ugxmods: UGX-Mods Team
2 years ago
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