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Messages - Delta

I just noticed that the md5 sum of the Update tag are not corresponding to any map archive, what am I doing wrong ?
No idea about the technical implementaion and how this md5 is generated or how it is used.
It's a legacy application which works as it is :)
5 months ago
Yup just pick the latest version of each map, thats exactly what the map manager does download & extract.
5 months ago
You can lookup the download path in the XML file:
Shouldn't be rocket science to find the download link :)
5 months ago
We wish everyone a Happy New Year 2021!

2020 bye bye

It was a rough year for everyone and we hope everyone stayed safe and had at least a decent year.

Planned / upcoming changes

We wanted to make some bigger changes in 2020, but because of various events it has been postponed to 2021.
  • Official new maintainer (myself @Delta )
  • New one-time / subscription monetization options to support UGX-Mods and further projects
  • Forum won't require registered user to view links and spoilers
  • New server to be future proof :white_check_mark: (done)
  • New forum update with improvements and fixes (v0.8.8
  • Username can be changed (every week once, will be available with the next forum update)

Thank You <3

Thanks to all who sticked with us in 2020. We appreciate your support and community love.
Let's continue in 2021 and make it better than 2020 :D

:ugxmods: UGX-Mods Team
11 months ago
In the past yes, nowadays not as much, but it helps improve background tasks or just site response time in general.

Faster response times are good for multiple reasons (less impact on the server, faster navigation for you, google and other providers are more happy)
It also allows me to do more processing on the server, like backups, or more download requests in the future.

Currently we / I manage 3 servers, two for UGX only and one is a shared server for UGX and my other projects.
In the future I want to have two servers (one production and one development). -> So some more performance to handle everything and less maintaining (only two servers) and it's also cheaper + better.

So yeah, it does make quite some sense :))
11 months ago
Update 2020-12-30 17:10 UTC: Forum is back online - please report any issues via Twitter, Discord or email. Thank you <3

Maintenance starts at 30th December 2020, 16:30 UTC
The website and other services will be temporarily unavailable, more information about status / availability here:

Hi @all,

we will end this year with a migration to another server, which is part of the upcoming bigger changes on UGX-Mods. (more info in the new year)
The transition will go probably smoothly, but just in case we expect a few hours of downtime or connection issue after the migration.

The new server will be Frankfurt, Germany - so you might notice a small delay (although the new server is more powerfull, so you might notice nothing at all ;))

We will notify you on Discord & Twitter once the forum will be temporarly unavailable and the migration starts / ends.
During that short period, email support is also not available!

Please note: We will also migrate our development server (JIRA, Confluence)
without notice in the new two weeks, which means our knowledhe base
and support center is unavailable for a short period as well.
11 months ago
Ho! Ho! Ho! - Merry Christmas! :christmas_tree:

We hope you all have a great time and wish you some great winter holidays. :snowman:
This christmas might be a bit different, so keep your social distance and rather kill some undead on a winter themed custom zombie map :zombie_walking:

Stay safe and healthy!

UGX-Mods Team
11 months ago
Admin note: moved to WaW HelpDesk Mapping (was in BO3 General)

Tip: You should probably explain you issue a bit more detailed
1 year ago
I totally forgot to reply here:

We moved those perks simply to the user card to reduce the clutter on the left side. (Simply click on any avatar and you'll get more info)
There are plans to add achievements, etc. but there are still some things to do before we can introduce such new feature.

Activity is indeed a problem and it both the community and us who is less active.
I wish UGX could offer more things and also bring back contests & giveaways but apparently time is very limited and most of the effort goes into site maintenance.
It would be up to the community to organize things. We (UGX) have nothing against new staff members, who can take on and keep the community happy and together.
(But community management isn't something you can do in an hour...)

Like @gympie6 said, we have a Discord where lot's of discussions went on.
I feel like forums aren't just that popular anymore and reddit, discord and steam pretty much took all of the cake, while our Forum remains to be the place for modding related things.

I'm always open for suggestions and new ideas.

2 years ago

We wish everyone a Happy New Year 2020:fireworks:

2019 bye bye

There is not much to mention from UGX-Mods in 2019.
Improvements were made to the site, but we were pretty much silent.

The anticipated goal of the UGX Launcher release was also not possible :(

Upcoming changes

There will be soon an announcement about major changes to UGX-Mods.
We are preparing the final steps and we assume mixed reactions, but we want to continue UGX and need your help.

This means changes to some systems, new monetization options and hopefully some new project releases (or announcements).



We are getting small boosts of activity, thanks to some fine modders who keep pushing the limits in CoD modding.

Thank You

Thanks to all who sticked with us in 2019. We appreciate your support and community love.
Let's continue in 2020 and bring back the good old times :))<3

:ugxmods: UGX-Mods Team
2 years ago

We celebrate yet another christmas. :christmas_tree: :santa:

Like each year, play some awesome christmas / winter themed zombie maps and slay some undead. :zombie:
We hope you all have a great time and wish you some great winter holidays with the ones that matter to you most. <3

UGX-Mods Team
2 years ago
This topic is for testing the text editor (CKEditor).

Please let me know about any issues you have.
How to report an issue:
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE give me some information / screenshots / etc so that I don't need to waste hours hunting the issue.

2 years ago
Good news. I found the issue and it will be fixed with the next update.
The SHIFT+ENTER mode is not working correctly. This has been fixed and SHIFT+ENTER and ENTER does work identical now.
This eleminats any issues with new line removing :thumbsup:
3 years ago
I will look into this issue asap once I'm done with the feature development.
Expect an update soon which should fix the issue.

SHIFT + ENTER is something different than ENTER alone. Technically they should behave in the end similar, but maybe there is something wrong.
TBH I only use and tested ENTER alone.

You could try to switch to the source view and then edit the message.
The source view shouldn't be converted (because it actually is already in the raw format) and should therefore work.

You already reported an issue that the sourceview does remove newlines (\n) and I assume it has something todo with this as well. (see linked issue here as reference)

I'll do my best to fix this asap. No promise on exact date but this or next week for sure.
3 years ago
We wish everyone a Happy New Year 2019! :fireworks:

2018 was great!

Although the UGX-Mods team (the few remaining ppl) stepped back from zombie modding,
we still love to see so much user generated content and activity in the modding scene.
Outstanding tools, amaizing maps,helpful tutorials and Q&A across the web - you guys rock!

The new UGX-Mods site overhaul is finally released and we hope we can grow bigger in 2019 with more cool features and improvements. :thumbsup:

UGX Launcher

Our anticipated goal to release the UGX Launcher :ugxl: in 2018 was not possible due to personal events and of course the work on our site overhaul, but we are very optimistic that 2019 will be a great year with the release of the UGX Launcher which will finally replace the UGX MapManager and allows us to support and maintain the application as long as people are actively using it.


Over the past two years we noticed less activity and this year we try to find solutions to bring back the good old times. If you have a great idea or want to help us -> let us know!
On the other side: we are close to 500k registered members (crazy!) and we will hit it this year for sure.

Thank You

A big thank you goes to our site and chat moderators - we wouldn't be here without them!
Of course also a big shoutout to our V.I.P's (former UGX-Mods members / partners / etc.), our lovely Donators <3 and of course every single user who are with us and keep this community alive. Thank you :heart:

2018 was great but 2019 will be even better!

:ugxmods: UGX-Mods Team
3 years ago
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