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Topics - Delta

:sparkles: New Update is live! :smiling_face_with_3_hearts:
  • Added NSFW (18+ & shocking) spoilers
  • Backend improvements for better performance and stability
  • Improvements to privacy handling and some UI/UX improvements
  • Continue fight against spam bots :robot_face:, some more checks and additional protection added
  • Added back twitter emojis (but still no 15.1 support :cry:) and set as default provider
  • Added Word Wrap option to code blocks
  • Tweak reply / quote / report buttons
  • Better Announcement banners + option to collapse / expand them + new UGX News announcement banner
  • Lots of fixes, moste notable the issues with CKEditor (forum text editor)

The full change log with better explanation is available here:
Also documentation for the Avatar Editor has been completed:
- :ugxmods_blue::dolphin:
3 weeks ago
Update complete, downtime was < 1 hour :)
The forum won't be available for a few hours on Wednesday, 29th May 2024.
The forum will be updated and some database changes will be applied to improve the performance. :rocket:
Unfortunately I can't say at what time exactly it will start and how long it will take, but it will happen between 13:00 - 20:00 UTC+0.
In theory it should only take a few minutes :sweat_smile:
:ugxmods_blue: UGX-Mods
3 weeks ago
The UGX-Mods Knowledge Base has been shutdown (on 27th Feb 2024) and replaced with our new UGX-Mods Community Wiki at
It has the same content as before, but with some cleanup and restructuring.
It is now possible to contribute changes yourself <3Simply take a look at our GitHub Repository at
Our Knowledge Base was available for over 10 years, the migration to our new WikiJS instance took quite some time and effort and hopefully it will last for at least another 10 years ;)
If you need help, found an issue or want to leave feedback then simply post under this topic or join our UGX-Mods Discord and have  a look at the #community-wiki room.
Please note: It's not 100% perfect yet. Over time it will be improved (or you contribute changes yourself ;))!
4 months ago
Update time! :smiling_face_with_3_hearts:
Most noteworthy changes:
  • Attachments improvements
    • better embed display of attachments (gallery, video / audio web player)
    • allow drag & drop of files into the post area to add it
    • allow to change the order of attachments
    • better style
  • Improved post page, to highlight attachment and post settings better
  • New style of radio and checkboxes
  • Reworked share post widget
  • In general some UI/UX fixes / improvements
  • The nostalgic version of the UGX Web Chat has been updated as well:
    • new blue design and removed legacy stuff
    • usercard is now visible on avatar / username click
    • fixed some bugs and glitches
    • chat server is more stable now

Enjoy some images / videos of my dog Caya to showcase the new improved attachment display (you must read the full message to see the lovely fluff :dog2:).
There will be another announcement soon about the new UGX-Mods Wiki once it's fully migrated.
For now and real quick: is deprecated and the new place will be (which is as the time of this post incomplete and not fully migrated yet!)
Display issues? Try to clear your browser cache!
Full changelog:
4 months ago
We wish everyone a Happy New Year :fireworks:
Next round! 2024 is here! Whatever you have planned for this year, be sure to slay some zombies from time to time!

Thank You <3

Thanks for your continuous support and love from this amazing community.
:ugxmods: UGX-Mods Team
6 months ago
Holiday greetings from UGX-Mods-Team. :christmas_tree:
Enjoy some wonderful moments with your loved ones. :snowman:
Thanks for sticking with us! See you all in the new year <3
Take the remaining days to play some christmas / winter themed custom zombie maps! ;)
- :ugxmods_blue:  UGX-Mods Team
6 months ago
After almost 2 years a new update has been finally deployed and is live. :smiling_face_with_3_hearts:
Most noteworthy changes:
  • Performance improvements (PHP8.2, optimized DB queries, etc. -> faster page loads)
  • Avatar Editor (Try it out:
  • Better code highlight with line options, Scripting Syntax support and more options
  • Added OpenSearch support. (You can now add the UGX-Mods Forum search to your browser search)

This is a huge update and I'm happy that it's finally deployed.
I'll keep monitoring the page and will fix issues which might still happening (it's hard to track during development vs when it's live and thousands of users use the website).
Display issues? Try to clear your browser cache!
Full changelog:
Development Statistics
First commit was September 22, 2021 (so roughly two years to this version!)
Code Changes (commit count / lines of code added / lines of code removed / total lines of code)
  • ugx_smf (Forum) 109 commits / 77,272++ / 70,824-- / 417,642
  • ugx_root (Frontpage and other sub pages which are not the forum): 25 commits / 36,155++ / 19,577-- / 35,168  
9 months ago
We wish everyone a Happy New Year :fireworks:
2023 here we come! Whats your wish for this year?

Thank You <3

Thanks for your continuous support and love from this amazing community.
:ugxmods: UGX-Mods Team
1 year ago
Holiday greetings from UGX-Mods-Team. :christmas_tree:
Enjoy some wonderful moments with your loved ones. <3 :snowman:
Don't forget to play some christmas / winter themed custom zombie maps! ;)
- :ugxmods_blue:  UGX-Mods Team
1 year ago
So it has been exactly 10 years since I registered on UGX-Mods. In September 2012 I joined the team officially. I thought it was time to celebrate my 10 years anniversary and throw in one nostalgic gem I wrote for UGX-Mods a long time ago. And to round it up, I’ll throw in some steam gift cards which you can win (more information below).
So, let’s start with some history.
I was modding for World at War and wanted to join the best modding team. I was working on an ambitious project (which in the end was discontinued due to engine limits). Nevertheless with UGX-Mods I could do much more than “just” modding. I’m a generalist and a good web developer (I do this as a living btw). Over the last 10 years I could extend my knowledge in so many areas thanks to UGX and of course the awesome UGX-Mods community!
Without UGX and you - the community - I wouldn’t have been able to accomplish this all. I went from PHP5, JavaScript, HTML4 and CSS2 into a Full-Stack developer who is fluid in HTML5, CSS3 (and SCSS), JavaScript / TypeScript, PHP+7. I even learned and mastered C++ thanks to UGX-Mods (but that is for another time). I learned a lot about linux servers. I did all of this before UGX, but with UGX I could keep working on it with a large user base and learn just sooo much.
Again, I can’t thank all of you enough for your support, kind words and simply staying with us.

UGX Chat *nostalgic version*

To celebrate this anniversary I’ll revive the UGX Chat. You can enther it through this link:
It’s a nostalgic version with a few fixes and improvements, but it has all the quirks and features you love and hate.
I have no idea how well it goes and how long I will keep it up and running, but just for the good old times it’s worth it. :)

CONTEST: 20€ Steam Gift Cards (over!)

@johndoe , @djluvorng , @RealVenomModz , @John_Banana and @cpt_johnson1
Congratulations! :partying_face:
  ​ I also want to give something back and we haven’t had a contest in a while.I’ll throw in 5x20€ Steam Gift Cards. What do you need to do to win one of those cards?
  • Post a message in this thread and leave some kind words. (Would love to hear why you registered on UGX-Mods, what you like/dislike, etc.)
  • Ensure your UGX-Mods Account is linked with your Discord Account
  • Write at least one message in the UGX Chat *nostalgic edition* [img](=
The winners will be picked randomly once the event ends (28 Aug 2022 - 8 PM UTC+2).They must meet all requirements.Winners will be excluded if any harmful, disrespectful or other content was posted which is against our rules.Winners will be contacted via Discord / UGX-Mods pm system (in case Discord doesn't work). If the winner doesn’t respond within 48 hours another one will be randomly picked.UGX Staff members are excluded from this contest as well as users who registered after 27 Aug 2022)  
2 years ago
Hmm, looks like something is going to happen on Aug 22, 2022 at 8pm (UTC+2).
Head over to our Discord Server ( and be prepared.
Can't make it? No worries, the event goes for a whole week :)
2 years ago
It has been a few years since our last survey and we would like to gather feedback in an easy to process format.
Hopefully you have some time for us to shape the future of UGX-Mods.
Help us to help you to make UGX-Mods better in the long term ;) <3
Click the link below to take part:
The survey will be available for a few weeks.
2 years ago
We wish everyone a Happy New Year :fireworks:
Hopefully everyone went safely and comfy into the new year. May your good wishes come true.
UGX has also this year some projects ongoing, so stay tuned for progress reports.
Also we hope we'll see some awesome content from the community - we can't wait for new content pushing the boundaries of Call of Duty modding <3

Thank You <3

We appreciate your support and community love.
:ugxmods: UGX-Mods Team
2 years ago
Merry Christmas! :christmas_tree:
We hope you have a wonderful time with your loved ones. :snowman:
Another year with masks but no worries, we still need to fight against the undead <3 :zombie_walking:
Stay safe and healthy and have a lovely time!
UGX-Mods Team
2 years ago
We wish everyone a Happy New Year 2021!

2020 bye bye

It was a rough year for everyone and we hope everyone stayed safe and had at least a decent year.

Planned / upcoming changes

We wanted to make some bigger changes in 2020, but because of various events it has been postponed to 2021.
  • Official new maintainer (myself @Delta )
  • New one-time / subscription monetization options to support UGX-Mods and further projects
  • Forum won't require registered user to view links and spoilers
  • New server to be future proof :white_check_mark: (done)
  • New forum update with improvements and fixes (v0.8.8
  • Username can be changed (every week once, will be available with the next forum update)

Thank You <3

Thanks to all who sticked with us in 2020. We appreciate your support and community love.
Let's continue in 2021 and make it better than 2020 :D

:ugxmods: UGX-Mods Team
3 years ago
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