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Decided on doing Infected for the Mod Tools to help me start getting situated with the scripting scene a lot better.
Here's a few videos of the progress of Infected.

So far it functions nearly identical to previous games except I'm throwing in my own edits to the mode.

  • Specialist Streak:
    • 3 kills Random Perk 1
    • 6 kills Random Perk 2
    • 9 kills Random Perk 3
    • 15 kills Get all Perks
    • 25 kills DNI Hack
  • Loadout:
    • Survivor
      • Random Primary Weapon
      • Random Secondary excluding melee weapons (but the default knife and hands), lock-on launchers
      • Random Lethal Equipment x1
      • Random Tactical Equipment x2
      • Random Perks 1-3
      • Specialist Ability/Weapon is available
    • Infected
      • Random Melee Weapon
      • Afterburner Perk 1
      • Tomahawk Lethal x1

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1591 days ago
Just a simple mod for you guys, makes everything stupidly annoying/hard  :derp:
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1715 days ago
1000th post FTW
Hey everyone I'm releasing my version of the mod tools that I've been lazy in updating and testing. It's functional 100% and have had testers using each iteration of it and it's working according to them (and my testing as well).

Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.

1800 days ago
I really dislike SMF would much rather see phpBB or something but myBB is probably the best alternative in terms of efficiency + functionality.

Would switching the forum to it be a good idea?

Also I'm suggesting a switch because of the T7 mod tools that are going to drop next year. The forum could use an upgrade.
1882 days ago
Just recently got custom GSC functions to work and am looking for "requests".

NOTE: It'll be extremely unlikely if you want huge complicated functions. Such as a function for getting key presses (maybe, still looking into it).

WARNING: I might not be able to add anything in related to paramertized functions or pretty much anything until I find all instances of Scr_AddXXX and GetNumParams functions.

GetNumParams was identified and added.
BIG issues are that Scr_Add are "usercall" which means the secondary compiler WaW went through shit on the function and I have to write a wrapper to get it to work.

Edit 2:
Got console commands to work as well.

Suggestion Format
  • Type: Script or Console
  • Feature: Does XXXX
1933 days ago
Ever wondered how much memory you had left in your map before it all went to shit started crashing?

Type meminfo into console to see a detailed usage if your mods memory.

World at War has a default memory allocation of 0x12C00000 which, in decimal, is 314572800 bytes (314.5728 MB).
If you surpass this limit you'd get a memory allocation error ("Memory allocation failed. %d bytes, %d align").

Basically physical memory in World at War is taken up when a new asset is loaded. These assets are only loaded from FastFiles which is why meminfo only prints out the usage in FastFiles (apart from the default ones that are loaded by exe, $init).

Example output:
NOTE: The usages will obviously be different based on the mod and a side-note about the free physical, T4M increases the limit. Stock World at War will have 111MB less to use than what T4M offers.
1937 days ago

Welp after a month or two I decided to release T4M in its current state. Mainly because all three developers will be getting back to school soon and not to mention we all have our own projects; so, lack of time is the main reason I'm releasing it in its current state.
Now about this "mod" what it does is load itself into World at War through DirectX (d3d9.dll) and does some fun stuff to do the game. This mod is to be used both by creators and users since if let's say a mod were to be released and it were to exceed a certain limit, the user needs the mod to be installed or they'll always hit that limit.
You need to own World at War on Steam or if you have the CD version w/ LanFixed exe that'll work too.
If you own WaW but through CD you will not be able to use this mod unless you get the LanFixed exe which is located in Notes #5 in the post.
  • Increased asset limits to T5 standard or higher (FX = 600, Image = 4096, Loaded Sound = 2400, Material = 4096, Stringtable = 80, Weapon = 320*, XModel = 1500 [r41])
  • Memory limit has been increased from 314572800 bytes to 343932928 bytes (425721856 bytes in r42 and afterwards)
  • Windowed - No Border mode (use console commands below)
  • FoV dvars unlocked (cg_fov, cg_fovMin, cg_fovScale)
  • DVar's display what type they are in console.
  • External Console has been unlocked along with in-game console to be never disabled.
  • External Console has a bool dvar r_externalconsole con_external (r43+) for it to show or not show. (r42)
  • Added listassetpool and forgot a bunch of other stuff, mainly WIP stuff.
  • Added entity count in cg_drawfps 2
  • Added listassetcounts (r45+)
Game Fixes:
  • Console spam has been suppressed.
  • Solo scoreboard has been enabled (r39).
  • Notetrack in CSC will now work on all notes, not only for the ones that start with "tesla_" (r40).
  • An extra fastfile named "mod_ex" will be loaded if a mod is loaded and exists in that mod, it has priority over all others (so it overrides mod). (r42)
  • DidUknowiPwn
  • momo5502
  • SE2Dev
  • TheApadayo
  • HitmanVere
  • Ray1235
  • ProGamerzFTW
Drag the downloaded DLL from the RAR into your World at War root directory.
Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.
  • No Border: Enter this into console to enable no border -> r_fullscreen 0;vid_xpos 0;vid_ypos 0;r_noborder 1;vid_restart
  • Revision 45 of the DLL
  • Weapon limit has been confirmed to work, along with every other asset limitation.
  • Mods created that do pass asset limits will require users to have T4M as well.
  • Only Steam or "LanFixed" versions of the game will work with the mod, NOT CD. If you have the CD version this is the LanFixed version of the game, run this exe instead of CoDWaW.exe (or you can replace your call)
  • Vertex Corruption: || TEMPORARY FIX: Set all Texture/Specular/Normal Map Resolution to anything but your current settings. All THREE options SHOULD NOT BE the same as your current settings. Lower your texture settings one-by-one until it's working fine. The issue is the game is using too much VRAM than the allocated amount (1024MB capped) and I won't be able to fix it.
  • Steam vs CD can't connect to lobbies: This is beyond my capabilities and will not be fixed.
Place the download from below in your World at War [ROOT] folder

If you still can't figure out here's another video....
1990 days ago
A small project that I decided to do which converts any weaponfile to GDT-compatible format for AssetManager.

Clean and documented code hope you guys try learning other programming languages this was a fun side-project.

! No longer available

Version: 1.1.0

1.0.0 - Release
1.0.1 - Added catch to dictionary adding, report bugs to me.
1.0.2 - Fixed app failing when duplicate keys were found, now deletes original and overrides with new. Also added support for grenades.
1.1.0 - Massive rewrite now supports folders, ignores bad weapons instead of quitting, and debug messages if needed.
2011 days ago
Simple item for you guys tonight I made a menu macro to put perks through menu and not spawn by GSC. (To save such little resources that's needed ;-;)

Matches (pretty much) identically to the script version, the Y coordinate may or may not be off :D

To add more than 4 perks into the UI you'll need to modify two things; one is a for loop in the GSC provided and the other is the macro call in menu.

GSC -> Function setPerkDvars() -> for loop -> replace 4 with the amount of perks you want to use.
UI -> HUD_PERK macro -> macro call (336 for start) -> add HUD_PERK(NUMBER); as many times needed to the number of perks in your map.

That's it.

2019 days ago
Since people have been hitting asset limits a lot more lately I decided to team up with a few friends to create a mod to World at War similar to alterIWnet/FourDeltaOne's IW4M.

Only difference is that this mod will only increase asset pool limits and maybe add some small stuff for general modding. It'll work on both retail and Steam games so that's also a plus.

The downside is that you have to use a modified exe, mainly due to all of us using the Steam as our base we've had to do some stuff to the exe. Nothing "bad" just remove some protection that caused the game to not load. Everything else should be is handled by a DLL (d3d9.dll).

Finished Features:
  • Increased asset limits for a few assets.
  • Added a DVAR for removing border while in windowed mode (r_noborder)
  • cg_fov dvar has been unlocked and limited to 90;cg_fovscale has been unlocked
  • External console is now enabled
  • Disabled some text that would spam console i.e. g_numFriends is now, nulling invite info, updating profile info...
  • Console is always enabled; maps/mods will not be able to disable them anymore.
  • Memory limit was increased.

Planned Features:
  • Increase a few asset limits (fx, localizedstrings, loaded_sound, weapons) Completed

Possible Features:
  • Implement new script functions such as a notifyOnButtonPressed or something of the sort.
  • Implement no border while in windowed mode. Completed.

Follow the project on GitHub
  • Apadayo
  • DidUknowiPwn
  • momo5502

  • HitmanVere
  • Ray1235
  • ProGamerzFTW
! No longer available
Yay increased asset limits.


No Border!

Last Updated:
2028 days ago
This tutorial will cover the basic fundamentals of a trigger.
How to set it up in script and in radiant.
[All the scripts will be found below.]

Scripting Tutorial (When placed in Radiant)

Calling the trigger and setting up the function

We'll now make it start a function on our triggers specifically.

Next we'll do some coding and run the trigger as well as giving it proper checks.

This is the general template that you should be using when it comes to triggers that revolve around player interaction.

Video Tutorial: Coming tomorrow, check back then for a better in-depth tutorial with my 1337 voice.

Base GSC
#include maps\_utility;
#include common_scripts\utility;

level thread onPlayerConnect();

level waittill( "connecting", player );

player thread onPlayerSpawned();

self endon( "disconnect" );

self waittill( "spawned_player" );

Generic Trigger Template
#include maps\_utility;
#include common_scripts\utility;

ent = GetEnt("item_kvp", "search_kvp");
ent thread trigger_func();
//For triggers with multiple instances.
//ent_array = GetEntArray("item_kvp", "search_kvp");
//array_thread(ent_array, ::trigger_func);

level thread onPlayerConnect();

level waittill( "connecting", player );

player thread onPlayerSpawned();

self endon( "disconnect" );

self waittill( "spawned_player" );


level endon("end_game");

self waittill("trigger", entity);

2036 days ago
Total Script(Engine) Functions: 1093 both MP/SP and CSC/GSC

This is a "tool" for UltraEdit  or as a reference for what functions exist in MP/SP.

wordfile.txt (V2)
MP Function List
SP Function List
CoD WaW - Script Function List (Complete) Apadayo/DUKIP <- This contains ALL the script functions in both CSC & GSC; as well as, which exe it belongs to.
Save link above as wordfile.txt and place it in your mod tools \bin\ultraedit\ directory, overwrite the file. (Normally it exists in bin\wordfile.txt, so if it doesn't exist in ultraedit place it in there!)

Diff from original wordfile.txt functions with V2:

Last Updated: 06/24/2015
V1.0.0 - Release
V1.0.1 - Removed Scr_* bad functions with proper variants, a function or two cases changed.
V1.0.2 - Missing space on TableLookUpiString and TakeAllWeapons
V2 - Now includes all defined MP/SP functions for WaW.
This includes both Multiplayer AND Singleplayer functions, one might not exist in the other (such as StalingradSpawn exists in SP; but, not in MP). Check the PasteBin functionlist above to see which ones exist in which exe you're developing for.
2042 days ago


add_adjacent_zone( "start_zone", "zone1", "enter_zone1" );

Basically title, zombies don't do jack apparently. Console is spammed with AI could not find path to goal and I'm stumped.
2047 days ago
level.playerlaststand_func = ::player_laststand;
replace with
level.playerlaststand_func = ::onPlayerLastStand;
add this function anywhere
self thread player_laststand();
IPrintLnBold(self.playername + "has been downed");

This is called from a callback as an entity not a level (so that's why self works as a player).
You can handle anything related to mode in here, just do not add a loop OR call a function that can get stuck in a loop without threading it.

2048 days ago


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