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Messages - DidUknowiPwn

T4M supports the visible output for G_Spawn, also I believe there's a bug within WaW itself that gibbed models don't delete their entities or something.
7 years ago
Very nice! Do the players also have to be in offline or does it load it from the mod?
It's different per mod.
8 years ago
This is an extremely frustrating issue apparently (when I asked the devs on this) and there's no way of knowing of what the error is.

What it means is that you're initializing a clientfield without ever catching it in csc.

So your issue is to look at the scripts you've included that started causing this.

For example in MP scripts/mp/bots/_bot.gsc will cause it.
8 years ago
Also if you don't mind me asking, where do you get all of the level flags from? (intial_blackscreen_passed, etc.)
There is no appropriate list all you can do is search for the flags within the scripts.
8 years ago
You just build the map again and press the publish button again.

It'll just update the item.
8 years ago
Yeah, its missing assets. Im putting my money on issue being different language as some languages have some models restricted
Agreed here.

Will report as Japanese has this issue as well.
8 years ago
There is a global array for weapon.
8 years ago
Weapons are their own structs now you must use:

weap = GetWeapon(string);

and store weap.
8 years ago
There's no females who play PC Custom.
8 years ago
You need to completely rid of these folders within raw

And then re-add them from the mod tools and do it for each update of the mod tools.
8 years ago
Bottom right error code.

If I assume what the error is then it's the one literally everyone gets related to broken/missing assets. It should be an assert but that didn't come until t5 so your best bet is to reinstall the tools.
8 years ago
When the bitches aren't waking up

8 years ago
Praise Andy and Alex!
8 years ago
Well I'd double check that because that's where your error is coming from.
8 years ago
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