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With the release of DLC2 coming around the corner, I was wondering what kind of boss you'd expect to face or what kind of boss you would like to see make an appearance. This doesn't just have to be for Zetsubou no Shima but in BO3 in general. I personally found the meatballs to be an interesting take on what the dogs kind of were. What are your thoughts/ideas?
1626 days ago
I've been looking up and down for a reliable ufo or noclip mod for MW3 that I can use in Survival for MW3. I did manage to get an external console that works, but there seemed to be no dvar for flying in it.

dvar list: If you think you can find it. (g_gravity does work for going up but not coming down :P)

I need something reliable that I can use in solo without risking a VAC ban preferably. :P
I would really appreciate anyone's help.
1633 days ago
So Jammy and I had a little spat and I thought I'd take it to the community for opinions. What happens in his 3D modeling class is his teacher turns on a video and tells the students to copy what the online tutor is doing. Now, my opinion on this case is that what the teacher's doing is smart because he'd probably do the same thing in the video, only over and over again. I learned the same way in my Engineering and Arts classes and it's turned out fine (except I've always drawn like shit so Art didn't help much :P). Jammy, however, believes it's not helpful because the teacher himself isn't teaching the tools. I retorted, saying that everyone will do what they feel is best as for tool usage, and, after a hour long spat, got kicked from FS Community Chat because I just "didn't get it." I'd like your weigh-in on this subject: Should the teacher have to repeat processes over and over again if the video itself teaches it the same way and can be used for reference over and over again?
1717 days ago
Well, it's that time of year again, kids. Time for us to look back and think,"Have I been naughty or nice?"
I decided to just put together the events of the year in to one little song we can sing together to get in the Christmas spirit. Sing along and have fun!

The 12 Days Of UGX Christmas
On the first day of Christmas, UGX gave to me a chat ban.
On the second day of Christmas, UGX gave to me and stevie 2 almost site bans.
On the third day of Christmas, UGX gave to me 3 new membergroups.
On the fourth day of Christmas, UGX gave to me $4?
On the fifth day of Christmas, UGX gave to me 5 new NGCaudle shit maps.
On the sixth day of Christmas, UGX gave to me 6 months without HeX Reapers.
On the seventh day of Christmas, UGX gave to me 7 InFInIX WIPs (all dead).
On the eighth day of Christmas, UGX gave to me 8 models taken straight from tf3dm and re-released.
On the ninth day of Christmas, UGX gave to me 9 contest maps that were doomed from the start.
On the tenth day of Christmas, UGX gave to me 10 new Custom Map Reviewers.
On the eleventh day of Christmas, UGX gave to me 11 new shitty gun mod ideas.
On the twelfth day of Christmas, UGX gave to me 12 locked topics.
Sorry but you are not allowed to view spoiler contents.
1734 days ago
So I decided to take a test. Just an online one to see about some things and I figured it might be fun to see other people's scores. Simple: Take the test and post the scores. No signing up or nothing. This is just something to do.

Now, don't be shy to not post your scores. It's just 1 test anyway.

My score:
1747 days ago
Just putting together all the stuff I'd like to put into a new PC. This damn laptop is pretty out of touch with modern games plus Maya would run smoother if I were even running it off a brick. The build is primarily for 3D modeling, but, of course, it needs to handle newer games pretty smoothly (I'm not so picky on texture quality as long as it runs and I can see what I'm doing). Here is the list of items for this build: I already have a GTX 970 and a 3tb internal hard drive. I am concerned by the FX-8350 if it is truly not a good CPU to be using for modeling. I'd appreciate your opinions and any help. (And make it quick because I'd like this puppy up and running before BO3 comes out :P)
EDIT BECAUSE PWN IS SCARY: Price range is from $500-$800.
1787 days ago
As most of us probably know by now, the perk machines all have new jingles. WAHOO!!! Sounds! Anyway, my friends and I have been wondering: Does this entail new machines? Or is this just a new thing to do to make BO3 a little bit different from the rest of the zombies games?

What are your thoughts on possibly remade perk machines for BO3 or even a whole new system for perks like the gumball machines they currently have implemented? Should the machines stay or are they too worn out at this point to be "cool?"

Link to aforementioned jingles for those who are stuck under rocks ATM.
1839 days ago
Simple enough question: Do you like buildable weapons? We all know the Sliquifier was pretty OP sometimes and the Jet gun was... the jet gun. Yeah. 'Nuff said there, but do you think it's a good thing as like something to work for or if your luck isn't so good at the box?
1852 days ago
Are you as ready as I am to sink 200+ hours into an amazing post-apocalyptic experience?
What are you wanting to see in this new iteration of chaos?
1938 days ago
I've been having the most awful issue lately. I like what everyone does here and it's all great, but whenever I try myself, I just can't bring myself to finish. I know what I'm doing and don't have issues, but I just can't keep interested in whatever I'm working on. How do you stay on track and what keeps you going?
2149 days ago
So I decided to listen to daedra, which was a bad idea, and I got WAW on disc so I could link it to Steam. Turns out Steam doesn't do that for WAW. Okay, I'm fine, I'll just have to install it and be careful with the disc. I install all the patches and launch the game. It won't connect to Online Services at all. I try using an Online profile, doesn't work. I create a new one, doesn't work. I have the keycode entered and everything set up. What did I do wrong?
2459 days ago

Scrounging on Youtube, I found something that might interest you guys. If the channel gets 100,000 views, the creators will make another episode. I'd love to see another episode because the videos are just very well made and actually give a real look at how zombies would look with the over-the-top characters from the game, still with their same attributes. Please watch and enjoy!
2470 days ago
Just decided to ask this. Couldn't think of what camo would look nice on what.
Please leave your favorite camo and possibly what gun it looks best on.
This is NOT limited to Zombies camo.
Any camo and, if it changes styles or models, what game or model it looks best on.
If you have any ideas for camos that would look nice, post a picture or try to describe it.
2578 days ago
I'm really excited for the UGX mod Standalone 1.1, but some stuff doesn't seem too great. This is my thoughts.

I like the elemental system, but it definitely shouldn't be in the Pack-A-Punch machine. The elements and PaP should be separate because they're 2 different systems. You can't just add something like that to that system because it is a specific upgrade system made to give laser bullets like it always has. To change it to a system with 6 different elements (Fire, Water, Acid, Electricity, Air, Lasers) would change the nature of the PaP machine to be more powerful than it ever was before, meaning it was holding off on us for years. There needs to be a separate machine to be seen as almost more powerful than the Pack-A-Punch, but not significant enough to seem like PaP is unnecessary.

Sharing Is Caring is a great concept, but the machine itself is bad. Sharing Is Caring doesn't sound like a perk machine. It sounds like an achievement. The perk machine looks amazing, but the name is too long. It may just be the Is in there, but it feels too long to say. I will most likely be starting to make custom maps once the mod comes out, but, if I can, I will be changing Sharing Is Caring into a pegboard in a gun shop in whatever I choose to make and put the "Elemental Machine" in there too. This way friends can drop weapons where they know where they can find them and mess with them if they have the money, otherwise you're directing them to where the gun is and causing trouble.

Brutus doesn't look right. I don't know if you did that as a little "Look what we did!" or not, but he doesn't look like the prominent, scary monster he is. I understand either way, but, if he does come with the mod, make him the kind of guy you should fear.

*Can the Sentry gun be upgraded with the "Elemental Machine"? Otherwise, can it be PaP'd to be grenadier Sentry gun?
*Would you make Max Ammos optional? Like you can save it for when you really need it, but can only have one at a time?
*Gersch Devices? Are they possible?
*Will we get different character models or is it the normal ones?
*Will you have the portable wall chalk like in Buried at all? If so, which ones?
*No ballistic knives? :)

Sorry if this is too many questions to answer at once. I like what you're doing with the mod: I just don't like how some of it works. Thank you for the hard work you're putting into the mod and I truly hope you take some of this to mind.
2592 days ago


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