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Messages - MAK911

A pretty interesting design. I do hope you'll close in some of these areas and add more detailing. Really interested in what this could turn into :thumbs_up:
7 years ago
(Image removed from quote.)
Pffftttt.... As if. Excuse me, I believe COTD needs a remake.
7 years ago
Can I get chat mod?
7 years ago
I knew people would notice custom knives. :dabs out of happiness for being right:
7 years ago
they do

Its infact even easier than he said - a simple case of renaming files

Just one example is stevies oil rig - which is like 90% MW1 or 2 models

also hot tip - theres barely a mapper / modder alive that "spends hours modeling"
Also, you can port C4D models, but you HAVE to have C4D. I haven't found a single plugin for like any software that is free and will port C4D models. You'd have to export to obj or fbx to even get them in Maya.
7 years ago
With UGXL you can filter out box maps entirely if you want.
Can we filter out UGX mod maps as well?
7 years ago
Ok but then 1 more lighting thing: how can i light my full room and make it look good?
Reflection probes and you don't have to light an entire room as long as people can see for the most part.

*Sees poll on top*
7 years ago
Except they didn't suck
7 years ago
x = the number of maps mak released
y = the possible quality of those maps
x = 0
y = unkown
x*y = 0*y = 0
How's your latest CS port going, btw?
7 years ago
And while working on that, I have released one mod and two maps for BO3, how many released BO3 maps do you have? :troll:
Quantity !> Quality.
fite me.
7 years ago
Fever dreams, drug use, and sex with roadkill.
7 years ago
cant tell if ur joking, u do know only americans have it month/day/year (which makes no sense)
Least to greatest. Only 12 months in year. Only 31 max days in month. Years are limitless (until the eventual death of the sun :D).
8 years ago
So the point of this post was to...?
So Hex could jerk himself off? Yes.

Double Post Merge: November 29, 2016, 05:13:39 am
Are you ready to relive some of your favorite custom zombie maps?
I don't see Purple Dimension in this list at all...
8 years ago
CornrowWallace stop posting regular pictures of nature :troll:  seriously tho, this map have such nice atmosphere, bit open from first glance but i assume you already have figure out a way to counter that or make more narrow paths leading up to the parts we can see.
He's Bob Ross'n it up in this mothafucka.
8 years ago
If only Mak was as thin as this text #monster
I'm thinner than those cows you fuck
8 years ago
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