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Hallo, mein Freunde!

After the two failures, you may know as Hallway of Hell and Refreshment, I've decided to take a break. After this hiatus, I've decided to go back to modding, alongside mapping. Is there anyone that can help me with returning to the concept of mapping?

Take note that I don't wish to use anything involved with UGX's script placer at the moment.
454 days ago
how do i delete this pls help

I'm back, and with an even worse map
Remember Hallway of Hell? Yeah, I made that piece of trash, now I made a box map!

o r i g i n a l i t y

This box map includes

-UGX Mod 1.1
-water that kills you if you touch it
-broken spawns

(Youtube video may be unavailable, not reuploading it anytime soon. Any mods please feel free to delete this topic.)
670 days ago
I've been modding WaW since october 16, 2016, and the only thing that has been working is ugx mod, is there any way i can officially make a map without any script placers?
750 days ago
Just a little question, how do I mod the base maps like Nacht, Verruckt, Shi no numa, and Der Riese?
754 days ago
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774 days ago
So I've thought about an idea for a zombies map that may or may not be scrapped.

I am deciding to make this a community project, obviously most of the map would be worked by me.

I call this map Das Krankenhaus, German for The Infirmary, the name may be changed.

When I say community project, I mean map layouts, weapons, perks, and so many more made by YOU! 8)

I am yet to think about what hospital/infirmary/doctor's office this map could be based on, so give me ideas.

Obviously, this map will be horror-themed, and not too obviously, it will be black and white. Again, this idea might be changed.

This map will be approximately released along with the full release of HoH and Base of the Japanese in Q4 2017, stay tuned!

No image because this is just an idea.
776 days ago
Just a little question, but i want to make a black ops 1 mod with WaW and BO2 weapons.
I've just gotten bored with WaW modding and I would love to do something new.
776 days ago
I've been trying to make a sandwich box map (just a box map with more than 1 layer), for a while now, but upon porting my map to GCZ, I keep getting errors, then I fix them, but I found 1 error that i couldnt manage to fix.
816 days ago
I really want to add the chainsaw from ghosts to my map but i dont know how. BTW I also want to know how to add sound aliases.
824 days ago
I dunno what to add to my map, and I dont know if this topic is in the right place or not.

I'm planning on adding ported weapons from multiple games, a custom game over song, an ee song, ambience, fog, detail, and etc. What I need to know is how I can port weapons, make sound aliases, and how to add fog. Thanks mates.
825 days ago
How do we enable the dog wave music, and how do I enable custom dog rounds like a Bluntstuffy's panzer soldat spawning at a certain round with no zombies spawning?
837 days ago
I have a perk idea named Stabbin' Dew, but I don't know how to do it.
What this perk does is when the knife is used, up to 10 zombies will instantly be killed, but the effect lasts until round 25, the knife animation is also sped up 2 times, and there is a cooldown for all effects for 10 seconds.
I'm using UGX mod 1.1. I'm also too impatient for UGX messages, so please add me on steam.
837 days ago
Behold, my slightly unfinished and crappy zombies map!
There really isnt anything to say about my map, but all I can say I am done with mapping this mod.

We're sorry.
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UGX DOWNLOAD (wont be updated anymore)
NON UGX DOWNLOAD (will be updated with more features)

Panzer Soldat
More perks
3-4th floor
less space
custom player model
custom voice over lines
easter egg song
custom game over song
custom round change song
Much more obstacles.
and much MUCH more
update log and shit
New download for non-UGX version of hallway of hell

The UGX team - Making UGX mod standalone
Subscribe to my Youtube channel for shitty content and more info in this map
843 days ago
I want to change the voices in my ugx mod 1.1 map, if I cant, how can I disable voices?

PS: is there any way to change player models? if so, what is your recommended program for modeling, and what do I have to do when modeling player models?
843 days ago
I'm trying to make a radio to hint where the goal of the map is, and I'm also trying to make an easter egg song.
btw you may would want to tell me how to make a sound alias.
i dont know anything about sound aliases  ;D
847 days ago


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