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The challenge graves in Knie Tief may or may not be broken.
The triggers to use them are very small and are painful to use in higher rounds. The Brawlers also drop two max ammos, and I can't really find a way to activate PaP. Maybe I'm not looking hard enough? Nonetheless, I find Knie T...
458 days ago
and dont make another remake or remaster lol not only have people played the originals 100+ times but also all the fifty remakes of it aswell...Try something original ;)
I don't recall making a r...
768 days ago
I might be able to help, I won't know what you're really look for. I map and port models more than I script thats for sure. just hit me up on my Twitter and I'll be more than glad to help out

768 days ago
Look inside the .iwd files with winrar. That's usually how I get my gucci.
771 days ago
Hallo, mein Freunde!

After the two failures, you may know as Hallway of Hell and Refreshment, I've decided to take a break. After this hiatus, I've decided to go back to modding, alongside mapping. Is there anyone that can help me with returning to the concept of mapping?
771 days ago
This map is actually cool.I like it.:)
What planet do you live on?
825 days ago


Wanna ask me questions or give me suggestions? DM me on ugx forums, or get on my delicious discord:

gimme money gimme money you fat twat


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