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When the alpha came out I created some random parts, formed what I called X23

Not sure whether it was a space craft or station

Anyone map sources and scripts in full below, not a complete map but someone may have use for it

Remember to credit use of any item!VvAjzKSb!T2xESPZAyWUcf9WGWp7pvtBlKaYR8GjUhkO8rA-Rbjo

1153 days ago

So I have messed a load with caustics, should find some funky stuff going on.

1375 days ago

So we all remember mp_asylum this is a zombiefied version (verruckt)

I've just finished zones and spawns now, need to know if any bugs are in just let me know.

Won't be doing EE's in this, but will get a teleporter in the next version to get to cherry and widows.

Trying to keep it semi old school

1375 days ago
If people want regular updates of my projects and test scenes for BO 3 , visit my youtube channel

My latest Video is also a compo to name my zombie map.

1460 days ago
I'm wakka, some people know me as UGO or therealwakka.

I've mapped in Radiant since it existed.

I'm mainly  trouble shooter for peoples maps and scripts though I released a number of mp maps over the years, usually trying to push the limits of the engine on distance as it was always an issue to render properly.

Zombie mapping is a new area never released one before, though I will be releasing a couple once I'm allowed for BO3

I'm on the Alpha for the BO3 mod tools, still a lot to get done before they area ready, working with limited assets but were putting together some basic maps between us.

Always happy to give information, either that or u can watch my vids etc.

Its nice to see so many good Zombie mappers and maps here.

I'm hoping BO3 gets some good mods n maps both Zombie and MP to revive the game as the series has lost its way for the pc long ago in my personal opinion.

1473 days ago


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