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Messages - therealwakka

When the alpha came out I created some random parts, formed what I called X23

Not sure whether it was a space craft or station

Anyone map sources and scripts in full below, not a complete map but someone may have use for it

Remember to credit use of any item!VvAjzKSb!T2xESPZAyWUcf9WGWp7pvtBlKaYR8GjUhkO8rA-Rbjo

7 years ago

So I have messed a load with caustics, should find some funky stuff going on.

8 years ago

So we all remember mp_asylum this is a zombiefied version (verruckt)

I've just finished zones and spawns now, need to know if any bugs are in just let me know.

Won't be doing EE's in this, but will get a teleporter in the next version to get to cherry and widows.

Trying to keep it semi old school

8 years ago
Devil's Workshop
Asylum Re-Mastered (zm/mp)
Egypt (Working title tbc)
x23 (zm/mp)
8 years ago
This is getting ridiculous... Who do I have to blow off to get those tools? Me and Stevie have been waiting for more than a year to continue Isla Nublar-Jurassic Parkl map...  :alone:

You may of missed a sacrafice along the way...
8 years ago
Yeah its not the GPU thats an issue here, but this is an alpha.

So many factors at play.

Trey were worried if we were even going to be able to compile maps, at one point we could not

The sort of specs they work on at Top end I7's 32GB ram with high end GPU's

But even people testing have issues with high end systems.

It's another reason the tools are taking time.

Hopefully stevies ssd will fix it for him.
8 years ago
Not so simple this.

For each map allow for 1GB per map you create as a standard if not more.

When you compile lighting and the map you get some large files created

You have the .led and the pack files. These can easily become massive.

When I am home I can post examples of sizes.

If you have a few projects on the go you may eat a further 10-20gb up easy

You then have the fact the current tools do not have many assets atm.

If we get more assets which I hope we do, again the size will balloon further,
8 years ago
Yes, I downloaded them also, I have not got enough for a potential project, long way off be next year, but I already drew it out
8 years ago
Should get a new load of testers as I said we would this month.

On map sizes. The limits are much better than WAW lets put it that way.

I want to see huge maps , but as with all maps they have to work.

The bigger issue that I have at the moment is trying to get Treyarch to increase the MP player limit of 18, this is an issue for them, but I can't see why we should not be able to make maps for 32 players. But a hardcoding issue exists here.....

8 years ago
If people want regular updates of my projects and test scenes for BO 3 , visit my youtube channel

My latest Video is also a compo to name my zombie map.

8 years ago
Portalling has gone, path nodes gone

Umbra does its thing,
8 years ago
Your welcome, Ive neglected this forum for to long, but have been on projects outside of radiant based games...

So much testing never enough time.
8 years ago
Explains why we have heard so little about them. Can you be more specific without getting in trouble about the above and beyond bit? Is it harder? Or is it simply re-learning some syntax? Was the change a result of a demand for more efficiency, i.e fixing script issues causing animation issues? Did they provide you with a list of engine functions similar to Zeroy's script reference?

your current gsc's will work in bo3, they just need a few things changing in the format, a few mins work at most on each script if not seconds.

You still have .gsc and .csc, there is also scripts for macros or injectable code

Loads of API stuff, like LOADS

We have a good WIKI in progress that will be released fully referenced, trey have put loads in and we can input also.

As soon as they say we can show scripts we will, tbh better scripters than I would be best for it ...
8 years ago
Ok were not allowed to show the scripts .

But the basics are the same, some syntax change.


They have added a lot more in and more bits around scripting, so it goes above and beyond what you do now
8 years ago
So just to make a little point here, one of the AV employees only just came on board. Someone who is an artist/modeller/rigger etc.

So even they seem to get invited in slowly....

Don't know if that makes people feel better!
8 years ago
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