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June 25, 2016, 10:23:36 pm
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June 21, 2024, 03:59:13 am

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When the alpha came out I created some random parts, formed what I called X23

Not sure whether it was a space craft or station

Anyone map sources and scripts in full below, not a complete map but someone may have use for it

Remember to credit use of any item
7 years ago

So I have messed a load with caustics, should find some funky stuff going on.

8 years ago

So we all remember mp_asylum this is a zombiefied version (verruckt)

I've just finished zones and spawns now, need to know if any bugs...
8 years ago
Devil's Workshop
Asylum Re-Mastered (zm/mp)
Egypt (Working title tbc)
x23 (zm/mp)
8 years ago
This is getting ridiculous... Who do I have to blow off to get those tools? Me and Stevie have been waiting for more than a year to continue Isla Nublar-Jurassic Parkl map...  :alone:

8 years ago
Yeah its not the GPU thats an issue here, but this is an alpha.

So many factors at play.

Trey were worried if we were even going to be able to compile maps, at one point we could not

The sort of specs they work on at Top end I7's 32GB ram with high end GPU'...
8 years ago


Old School Game Designer/tester
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