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A while back when I roamed Zombiemodding, I encountered a topic asking if you could bypass maps that banned console. The only answer he got was that you had to load maps properly, but he/she didn't say how because the user was new. So... how do you load a map properly and access the console on these maps?
2650 days ago
Since I can't post in the real TWD board, I'll post it here instead. Who do you like the most in The Walking Dead? I like Tyreese and Michonne the most in the show and Abraham and Eugene in the comics.
2653 days ago
GTA V is almost upon us (or in some cases, already here). What are your thoughts on the game, will you buy it, do you think it will win GOTY etc. I personally live the GTA series and the three protagonist thing feels great!
2683 days ago
So Treyarch revealed DLC4 to be Apocalypse. I don't care about the MP maps but Origins caught my eye. I am kinda sad about the new crew not being in it but the map looks good and the tank is awesome. Feel free to discuss what you think about it.
2721 days ago
Hello, i am 90Dboy. I was amazed by the UGX mod and all the features it brought to WaW, so i decided to take part of this community. I can't wait for the new UGX mods release!
2820 days ago


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