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Sorry, I'm out of the loop. Are there any downsides to T4M? I can't really imagine why anyone would dislike something this good.
1840 days ago
Mortal Kombat.
2355 days ago
I think that Origins is in a different timeline, as the other maps are symmetric with eachother. Origins retcons most of the plot (The origin story of the original 4, Samantha's relation to Maxis) and the ending doesn't really make sense with  the rest of the story.
2446 days ago
I know every question there.
Question 5 got two answers, Quick Revive and Deadshot.
2570 days ago
I don't even.
2571 days ago

But did I mention either of those maps? No.
I just assumed that you meant those as you typed et cetera, but I guess I missunderstood. Sorry for the confusion.
2574 days ago
Detail is everything visual about the map. Model placement, patches, lights, textures, decals, etc.
Then I don't fully understand why Treyarch's maps have 8/10 in Detail, especially not Buried and Die Rise.
2574 days ago
I erase that from my memory. I'm thinking of all the WaW DLC + Moon, Ascension, Mob of the Dead, etc.
With detail, do you mean incomplete/poor textures?
2574 days ago
I shall enter hibernation until I get a modern TV so I can utilize 1080p. Oh, and the UGX update of course. Very well. *enters cryo tube*
2577 days ago

what do you mean by anti training/camping? gotta have one of them surely
OP said that this is a challenge map.
2579 days ago
I'll be keeping my eyes on this!
2580 days ago
Not sure if I'm more glad about dual wield or BO1 M1911.
2586 days ago
The pistols seems like they're up in my face. Can we still use cg gun_x?
2601 days ago
im more than happy to leave, is there a more efficient way to leave the most ultimately gay experience?
Gay means happy and Ultimately Happy Experience seems cool. 
2610 days ago


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