Porting [email protected] weapons to BO3

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by isammyxd
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Hello All,
                                      I have ported a few guns from BO2 thanks to Azsry for his tutorial and excellent help. Also [email protected] is a Treyarch game so I thought it would be the same steps as porting a BO2 weapon and wanted to say I get [email protected] xmodels by using Tom's Xmodel utils program and I get Tanims from [email protected] with Tom's xanim Extractor then I do what is needed to create the viewmodel, worldmodel and full model in Maya and base ETC all models show in Maya and when I drag in any Tanims for [email protected] such as Reloading Idling they all play in Maya perfectly but when I fish with APE and things after woods I get the weapon in game the players arms are all over the place (so basicly none of the anims worked for me and I don't think the viewmodel did) I can't tell as couldn't see it because arms were all over the screen. Has anyone seen a tutorial on the internet for porting [email protected] weapons into BO3 I haven't and I've searched I wonder why nobody has done a tut on it but if anyone has found a tut please can you link me one or help me out some how.
Much appreciated ALL.



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