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How to edit weapons pack workshop mod?

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Created 3 years ago
by TDawg262
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Hello all,

So as the title says, I'm trying to edit a weapons mod on the black ops 3 workshop. Specifically the Cold War weapons pack ( All I want to do is add a couple MW 2019 weapons into the mix, like the 725 (Olympia), Kar98, Dragunov, stuff like that..."Old" weaponry. I've looked everywhere on how to make a weapons pack, but all the stuff I was able to find, was about creating weapons for a map your designing. I only want to make a small adjustment to a workshop weapons mod.

I have the mod tools installed, and the necessary weapon ports courtesy of TheSkyLord. Now I just need a few tips...

And obviously, I won't be publishing it, this is just for my own personal enjoyment. I just really need some MW 2019 weapons mixed in with the cold war weapons to increase the weapon pool, and have a bit more fun :D

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