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Messages - TDawg262

Hello all,

So as the title says, I'm trying to edit a weapons mod on the black ops 3 workshop. Specifically the Cold War weapons pack ( All I want to do is add a couple MW 2019 weapons into the mix, like the 725 (Olympia), Kar98, Dragunov, stuff like that..."Old" weaponry. I've looked everywhere on how to make a weapons pack, but all the stuff I was able to find, was about creating weapons for a map your designing. I only want to make a small adjustment to a workshop weapons mod.

I have the mod tools installed, and the necessary weapon ports courtesy of TheSkyLord. Now I just need a few tips...

And obviously, I won't be publishing it, this is just for my own personal enjoyment. I just really need some MW 2019 weapons mixed in with the cold war weapons to increase the weapon pool, and have a bit more fun :D

3 years ago

So, I've seen all these mods that are not custom zombie maps, but just weapon packs that you can use to change the standard bo3 weapons in both offical Treyarch maps, and some custom maps. Can someone please explain to me how I would go about making my own? My overall goal is to play Shadows of Evil (My favorite map), WIth the old style classic weapons from the various black ops games. I have the mod tools installed and I already have some weapons that I would like to use, courtesy of TheSkyeLord.I'm relatively new the whole modding thing, and have really no experience with making things for custom zombies, but it always bugged me how the futuristic weapons don't seem to go well (IMO) with the style of SOE, and now that i have the PC version of BO3, as well as stumbling upon the mod tools that come with it, I'm really thinking about attempting to create my own mod. Who knows, if it's decent, I might even upload it lol.
Any and all help would be greatly appreciated! :)
4 years ago
From my experience it isn't possible to change the damage or other stats of the weapon it self but it is possible to change the sounds and camos. I think everything can be found in the root/main folder.

I know that in cod4 it is also possible to change the weapon model itself but I don't know if this is also possible for cod waw. That is something I will look up for ya. I will update this answer when I have more news.
 Alright, sounds good, thank you for the reply!
5 years ago

Okay, so I don't know if I should really be asking this here, but since this is a modding website I thought I would...

So recently I got back into playing waw multiplayer again and I discovered the Pezbot mod (I know, it's been out for awhile...) and I have been having some fun messing around with it by myself. Now since I'm playing offline in a way, I was wondering how I would go about editing the weapon files in multiplayer so that I could change the sounds, as well as maybe change the weapon overall.

The reason why is because I want to try and switch around some of the weapons that have better versions of themselves, as well as edit their firing and reload sounds, so that the weapons would look, feel, and sound more proper. An example of this would be to change the Original MP40, to the MP40 that is in Black ops 2 Origins, or Change the Thompson to the M1927 that is in Mob Of The Dead from BO2.

This shouldn't be to hard to do, as their are ported weapons already from the other call of duties found in the various custom zombie maps, but I could be wrong, that's why I am asking...

Any help would be much appreciated!
5 years ago
Hey guys, thanks for the replies and being civil about it! :)

Yeah, all I wanted to do was take the original map, and open it up and put some new areas in it. I've done some exploring with no clip and i've seen some areas that i want to make part of the map. For starters, i was thinking of maybe making the middle of the map, with the fountain, a place to run around in. Their are other parts that looked interesting, but i don't really know how to explain were they are located lol.

I was also thinking of adding in some multiplayer weapons (is there a weapon limit?) as well as of course the pack a punch...

One more thing, how would i go about adding weapons in from black ops 2 and 1?( Only old style weapons from black ops 2 like the m1927 and remington new model army, things like that) I would love to combine those weapons with the waw weapons and have a bigger selection for the box as well as wall weapons.

Look, I know this is a long shot, but i just have a really good idea for verruckt that would make it really cool, and i've seen a lot of cool custom zombie recreations of my favorite maps like kino and MOTD, and it is really making me consider on making my own recreation...

As for modding and things like that, I don't have much experience, only a little bit like editing game files to add in certain items (I did this with dead rising 2) I know it doesn't sound like much...
5 years ago
Hello, so I've been kinda debating on whether or not I should make a zombies map...well, not really make, more of an edit.

I was thinking of taking the original Verruckt map and adding some things into it like some multiplayer weapons and opening the map up a bit, creating new areas to run around in, as well as add the pack a punch.

I don't have much experience with modding or programing, so that's why i came here to ask the community about some tips and also how long it would take to do this map edit.

Any advice would be appreaciated!
5 years ago
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