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Goliath Script Placer Template Creation

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Created 6 years ago
by daedra descent
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Let's keep this thread on topic from here on in. -DBZ

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lmao. Too funny.

Goliath Script Placer:,11234.msg125257/topicseen.html#new

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The Goliath script placer is a versatile script placer that allows for custom made mod templates which are then copied into the user's World at War root directory. This tutorial will cover the limitations and creation of new Goliath Script Placer compatible mod templates.


-It will ONLY open and change the template's name to the NEW map name if they have the following file types: .arena, .gsc, .csc, .csv. If there are any other file types that need to be added, please let me knowOnly files with ONE additional underscore attached to their name will be replaced, for example:



Creating a template

1. create a folder within mod_source and rename it to whatever you'd like to show up in the modList area. Any sub-folders within this folder will represent the World at War root directory.

2. Add any additional folders and files that corresponds to where you'd like to the files to be placed, for example:

<template_name> -> mods -> <template_name> -> maps -> <template_name>.gsc

3. Once done, open each file and replace ANY code that you'd like to be changed to the generated map's name to:


If done correctly, you should now have a new usable Goliath Script Placer mod template. At this point you can use it or package it up to share with others.
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