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does that mean I cant change the hintstring to say "Not needed" then change to say "press *button* to change the fuse" like back and forth or would that hit a limit too, or is it just like 48 different ...
2227 days ago
Counting down seconds in a hintstring just produces way too many for WaW's limit of 48 in total. You gotta find another way to count down (HUD elem for example).

- Phil.
2228 days ago
Well, I'd assume you would want it to work in Coop too. all_players_connected will also be set in SP, so no harm in waiting for it to be set.

- Phil.
2231 days ago
Okay, then, are you calling this function after the flag "all_players_connected" has been set?

- Phil.
2231 days ago
Are you calling your code after _zombiemode::main(). Before that, get_players() might not return any players.

- Phil.
2231 days ago
		level thread spectators_respawn();

// round_text( &"ZOMBIE_ROUND_END" );
level thread chalk_round_hint();

wait( level.zombie_vars["zombie_between_round_time"] );
Somewhere here, depending on what exactly you wa...
2236 days ago


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