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Whats up everyone. In this video be will showing all the steps needed to complete the easter egg.

This is a brand new youtube channel for me.
I plan to keep it very active with custom zombie walkthroughs like this one.

Any support I can get from the community would be greatly appreciated
1992 days ago
Short tutorial showing all the locations of the hidden perk bottles in tudarks map The Morgue.
1998 days ago
I feel this needs to be said.

 Time and time again I will read through WIP and Release threads. Amazed to what this person/team have been working very hard on, typically over a long period of time. Thinking wow, These guys are really dedicating a lot of time and effort for us.  We are the end users of these creations. We will be the one's playing this map over and over, recording video footage, streaming on twitch, curing everyday boredom etc.
Yet on almost every page of the thread there is someone complaining. "It's to hard, Will this ever be released, You should have done it this way, This wip is taking forever, Do it like this, Add this it will be easy" etc.

The people who create these things, do it for us in a sense. This is only a hobby for them. A hobby that the only satisfaction they get is positive feedback from the community, and watching others enjoy their work.  These people do not get paid for what they do. Most importantly they are real people with real lives, families, jobs, school, careers, young children. And yet they take their free time and work very hard for what we get to enjoy in the end.

 So I ask you all, act appreciative, say thank you. Let these people know that their hard work and effort was worth the time they invested for us. Before we lose another great due to impatient, unappreciative, derogatory comments that some of us (end users) might leave.
2003 days ago
Do zombie slaying couples even exist outside of my wife and I? We sure hope so. This is to any couple out there that would like team up with my wife and I and take on the un-dead occasionally. If interested leave a comment below or send me a pm.
2039 days ago
Whats up everyone,
              I am completely new to the custom zombie scene. I am a diehard zombie fan from the playstation network so i am definitely not new to slaying the undead.

  Anyways, I'm looking for a few friends to play some custom maps with, does not matter to me which map. So if anyone is willing to team up sometime soon I am willing and ready.

 I am new to the steam network so I am still learning as I go, things like adding friends and such.

           Steam ID: x_x-Mayhem-x_x
2071 days ago
Newbie here,
 Ive recently had a new computer built just to play custom zombies. After downloading steam and installing waw (originally purchased and downloaded  from my old computer). I try to run the game and i keep getting this "DirectX encountered an unrecoverable error" Ive done a little research and downloaded some updates. uninstalled steam and waw but still no luck. Anyone have any sugestions? :-[

Double Post Merge: September 24, 2014, 11:48:10 pm
2072 days ago
Mayhem Here.
    Finally after weeks of hiccups, back orders and incompatible parts my system is finally finished! I am completely new to
custom zombies, even pc gaming at that. But with my love for slaying the undead I knew I had to make this venture! So
pretty much needless to say I will have boat loads of questions that any newbie would have. So I'll go ahead and apologize in advance for any stupid and/or annoying questions I might have. That being said if anybody would like to help out the new guy and show me the ropes, give me tips anything at all.. Greatly appreciated  :D

 I will go ahead and get this one out of the way first... How do I set up a controller to use instead of a keyboard? ;D
2073 days ago


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