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Forgot to add script_noteworthy player_zone
1016 days ago
I've made sure the zones are touching and I also have these 2 pieces of code in my map gsc

[code]//Setup the levels Zombie Zone Volumes
   level.zones = [];
   level.zone_manager_init_func =&usermap_test_zone_init;
   init_zones[0] = "start_zone";
1017 days ago
u have setup the sounds in alias wrong use this as an example
1025 days ago
I have created some weapon sound aliases in my user_aliases.csv for my ported gun, the Olympia. I have defined the sounds on the bulletweapon file and in the reload anims, and I have exported the sounds in 48000Hz, but they still won't work. Here is the code from my user_aliases.csv

1025 days ago
Also, get rid of the brackets in the example.
1073 days ago
You have the sound file in the wrong location. It should be in root/sound_assets/[any folder name you want]/
In your user_aliases.csv file, paste the following on a new line:
1073 days ago


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