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Messages - tomikaze

- zero detail
- zero obstacles
- infinite space to run
- somehow still requires T4M
- street lights in the middle of the sidewalk
- more wonder weapons than normal weapons
- the same asphalt and grass texture used in every map since the beginnng to time

...I have no complaints, downloading now :D
2 years ago
I'm experiencing the same thing. This is making it increasingly difficult to message people while posing as a 16 yo girl  : (   Please fix NOW! :D
4 years ago
1. Anytime...all the time.
2. Yes, super colorful like a zombified bag of skittles.
3. Yes, but only if it's by Tekashi69 or MGK.
4. Yes, as a zombie purist only WAW guns or else gtfo.
4 years ago
REALISM MODE 3.0 IN DER RIESE MAP  :rainbow: :rainbow: :rainbow: :nyan:
What the...? How do you know this? Are you some genius level intelligent super spy?!
4 years ago
Yes thats the map, ive already been their and yes the link is broke! Cant find a single link anywhere, ive been through so many google pages looking and cant find it. Somebodys gotta have it downloaded and now its my mission to play it again! :D
Well...I know NOW that the link is broken. I did fix it just now too, so thanks for the heads up. Is there a 2nd place cash prize complete with mountains of blow and strippers?  ;D
4 years ago
Oh man, I totally remember this map. This was the one where Nickst98 did 99% of the mapping and then Weezy428 tried to take credit for it  :P
Spoiler: click to open...
Commence flame war  ;D
4 years ago
Huge thanks to BluntStuffy, he spent countless hours making this mod; on top of that he had to listen to me brainstorm ideas endlessly - that must have been excruciating. There is nothing that Blunt can't do and this mod proved it. He's a zombie modding god of the rarest kind and a hell of a friend; I'm lucky to know him.

I hope you all get a chance to play it and enjoy all the love and work that went into it; it was a crazy ride.
4 years ago
I'm not going to lie, this is my kind of map. Now where did I put my map reviewer hat?
4 years ago
Merry Christmas to everyone who I like here on UGX  :D  The best gift I got was this Justice League box set with all of the animated JL and JL: Unlimited seasons. The animated movies and shows are the the only thing that DC has made that isn't total ass...ok, WonderWoman was ok too  ;)

5 years ago
This map wins the...

5 years ago
If you need a walkthrough that dude right above your post did an A+ pro job walkthrough. Glad you are enjoying it. I still play it myself and I still get my ass handed to me on Hard & Insane  ;D  Stupid toxic crawlers and those Ascension style zombies who dodge your headshots like a freakin coked up ninja and Neo from the Matrix had a fun baby. Damn you BluntStuffy!!!
5 years ago
Holy balls, I thought collecting my old scabs and toenail clippings was a total waste of time...but now I don't feel so bad  ;D
5 years ago
I think I'll just leave this here  ;D

5 years ago
Pie, do you always run the Demo class? When I do I run with More Boom, Dr Boom, Shatter Nades and upgraded wrist launcher; is that how you play him? Usually keep a Grenade Launcher in my arsenal too. Total chaos  8)
5 years ago
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