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Topics - tomikaze

If there is anyone who can help me test the WAW zombie map "Greenhouse Realism" let me know. We know it can work with 2 players but we need to test it with 4 people to see if the map can handle it.
There is no real gameplay required, we just need to see if the map will load and then you can go back to your normal Friday night life of drunken debauchery.
The timezone I am in is CDT/CST here in Texas, US. I am looking to do a quick test at 9:00pm tomorrow night, very short test. So, if anyone is free please let me know.

Double Post Merge: September 29, 2017, 08:35:42 pm
Just a few more hours now to volunteer for the experience of a lifetime!!!!
4 years ago
I recently unplugged everything from my computer and cleaned it as well as I just got a new monitor. After plugging everything back in I started up WAW and every couple minutes the game minimizes and I'm back looking at my desktop. I can sometimes open it back up by clicking on the taskbar icon but other times it crashes completely. Not sure what to do and could use some advice.

Several things I've already tried are:
-uninstalled and reinstalled WAW
-updated my graphics drivers (I first thought it had to do with my new monitor)
5 years ago
Hey guys, I need to see if anyone can do just a little bit of coop testing with one of their friends. There is a short list of changes that BluntStuffy has made to the Industrial Estate Realism map and we need to see if they are fixed. I'm super busy this week and can't get to it so if anyone can help us out we'd appreciate it.

If you can I'll send you the map download link and the list of things to look for and you can just message me back if they appear to be fixed.

These are mainly coop bugs so it needs to be tested with 2 people.
5 years ago

(someone send me a new picture please)  :D

Creator:, I mean c.h.n.

Setting: Let's say some mountains in Germany as Der Berg appears to be German for “The Mountain”. I really can't say Der Berg though without feeling like some retard asking for a hamburger. Doesn't quite sound as badass as Der Riese but whatcha gunu do?

Positives: Really just about everything that this map has to offer is a positive. For starters, as soon as the map begins you can tell the mapper was going for a Der Riese feel and he nails it. But where De Riese is a fairly small map by today's standards Der Berg is MASSIVE! It takes the Der Riese formula and many similar layout features like 3 linkable teleporters, a bridge that connects when power is turned on, a catwalk to camp on and and just then ratchets the size and detail to an eleven.
Looking out toward huge mountains and across vast open caverns is breathtaking. Many times I just made a crawler so I could look around and take it all in and that's really something that you should do on a map like this one.  Just take some time to appreciate how well constructed and beautiful this map is. The weather, the sound of the wind whipping through the mountains, great use of shadows, dripping water, steam spraying out of broken pipes and the crunch of snow underneath your feet are all represented here with stunning accuracy allowing you to really be immersed in the experience.
Did I mention that this map has a catwalk? Oh yes friends, back is the Der Riese style catwalk which many of us have spent countless hours of our lives camping on until we succumbed to how bad of a plan it is to camp in one place for too long, but man if it isn't still just as fun to do here!

Negatives: I absolutely disagree with the “feature” where if any zombie is like more than 20 feet away from you (slight exaggeration) they respawn essentially right next to you. I mean, your reward for running through 25 zombies all converging on you to use your intestines as a buffet line while you're using all of your ninja zombie maneuvering skills and making it to safety is only to find out that these zombies can teleport to whatever room you're in. I agree that it makes it more challenging but it also makes me feel like just staying in whatever room I'm in because running away does nothing.

Also, there are no real objectives on this map which many people have come to feel are just standard these days and if that is the case for you then this may feel like a huge strike against this map. But if you are happy to see a good old fashion high round map that feels like Der Riese but better then you won't mind it at all.

Conclusion: I know that we've seen Treyarch try their hands at a couple Der Reise re-releases but they have failed where this map succeeds and I believe that is to the credit of a mapper who remembers what people liked about the original but has the courage to take some chances and go bigger and in this case truly better. Everyone who is a fan of Der Riese will be right at home here and anyone who is a fan of good maps in general will find more than a few things to enjoy here. Thank you very much c.h.n. and to everyone who helped make this map possible.

Level of Detail: 10/10
Custom Content: 10/10
Fun Scale: 7/10
Replayability: 7/10

Download here:,14768.msg148064.html#msg148064
5 years ago
More coop testing for Realism 3.0; let me know if you can play this week at all. I'm free at 9pm CST (US). So if you are available and want to coop test with me then let me know and I'll send you the latest version.

5 years ago
Interview: Ragnarok torture Build Team

Ragnarok WIP page:,9358.0.html

Greetings custom zombie family! I followed a trail of bread crumbs, through a small village, across a deadly bridge and into a castle of unspeakable horror, risking life and limb for the chance to get some very important questions answered and bring you fine people the goods.
Well, things didn't turn out quite the way I planned; see I was captured by the Ragnarok build team and the things that they did to me were so painful, frightening and humiliating that it would make the Pope wonder if there was a God. Anymore I'm not sure if I'm a guy or a girl and I'm pretty sure they feed me nothing but scraps of their other human victims for more than a week.
Still, they were kind enough to answer my questions so in the end I think that makes them pretty good people.
Enjoy the interview!

1) Being so close to what we think will be the release of BO3 mod tools why did you want to jump into another huge project instead of just waiting for new tools with greater freedom?

HexZombies: Well, when I started designing the map, the news of the new tools had only just been announced, so why not continue practicing and learning new things until then. Eventually the map started to take shape and I just figured why not finish what I started, since the new tools are still in development - slowly but surely I convinced (Begged) Pieman to join in on the project and put his evil mind to work. Don't get me wrong I along with most people in the custom community can't wait to get their greedy little hands on the new tools - It is pure gold! (yes that is a hint towards a map I have planned).

2) You went from a high tech underwater facility in Leviathan to an old German castle in Ragnarok. What made you want to go this direction? What was your inspiration for this map?

HexZombies: I think it's a great learning experience when you travel outside of your comfort zone and attempt a theme and design you have never done before. That was really my main inspiration for creating Ragnarok - that and I am a huge fan of old horror movies (Frankenstein, The Wolfman and Dracula). When we finished Leviathan I had learned so much from RadimaX over the past year about level design and gained a better understanding of the radiant tools - so I felt very confident in my ability to design the castle I had envisioned.

3) If I recall you announced your castle map first and then a short time later Treyarch announced Der Eisendrache, what are the odds? What are you doing to set your map apart from theirs?

HexZombies: I'll tell you as I have told Pieman, Jbird and Radi In the past - I am psychic - End of story! lol honestly I'm either very very lucky or just as creative as the people over at 3arc (I Wish). It's hard to one up a professionally made zombies map - but we have done our very best and in all honesty its the most fun I or pieman have ever had playing a custom map. Everything from re-playability, exploration, new exclusive features and the pure zombies challenge is included in this map (and it's not even finished!) - It has something for everyone. I invite you tom to come play with us and experience the pure fun that is Ragnarok!

4) After you announced Ragnarok it looked like it was just you working on it, but now it looks like you are getting major contributions from AwesomePieMan and even Jbird. Is this the whole Leviathan team coming back together to make a followup map or is this still mainly your baby?

HexZombies: There is no way I could ever make such an amazing map on my own, It's always going to be a team effort, I'm sure there are some people out there who could do it all on their own - but where is the fun in that? When you team up with a group of people with a variety of skill sets the possibilities are endless. I am very proud to work with such great scripters/artists such as AwesomePieMan & Jbird 632 - along with all others who have contributed and supported the map all the way to where it is now.

5) Seeing as most people play zombies solo or 2 player, is Ragnarok going to be a difficult 4 player only type of map or is this going to be a map that a solo zombie slayer out there will be able to play and get the full experience as well?

Hex/Pieman: The map is built for fun no matter how many players - solo? no problem, two player? you got it! three and four? the more the merrier. The full experience is open to all - that is if you are up to the challenge? After all this is a Hex and Pieman map. Expect Pure Evil!

6) Are you going to be using weapons that are fitting for that time period or are we going to see futuristic weapons that have somehow gone back in time?  : )

Hexzombies: I am not going to spoil anything you tricky little devil! Pieman would strike me down with a flaming sword if I revealed anything. I will say that we intend on using a variety of weapons that all players will enjoy and will continue to use on a regular basis. The key is to pick weapons based on what people really want and it helps if those weapons are some really powerful zombie slaying guns. Now move along - nothing to see here.

7) How many different enemy types are there going to be? Are there just normal zombies or will some of them have special qualities like Napalm Zombies, Shriekers, ones that vomit acid on you, zombies in a suit of armor, etc? Also, what can you tell us about bosses or is that all a secret?

AwesomePieMan: In terms of enemies, we are doing something that has never been done in custom zombies before, and I anticipate this to be a highlight of the map. (Or we may see avogadro levels of bitching from the community, not sure yet).  But to answer your question there will be a whole host of enemies to fight alongside the normal hordes of zombies.  Some fan favorites (or at least my favorites) will be returning along with new terrors to face off against.

8. Layout is a big deal and it's always important for a map to have a flow to it. You think about the way that Der Riese and Kino area made up of circles and figure eights to give players a way to run and stay just ahead of zombie spawns. Leviathan was also a very well connected map with areas leading to each other making loops. Ragnarok looks very long with a village on one side and a castle on the other connected by a long bridge. Will that pose a problem or will it still be reasonable for players to navigate the map?

AwesomePieMan: The layout of Ragnarok is not traditional.  You spend the first few rounds getting to the castle along a linear path.  (Mostly because of the bridge).  At first I was worried about it for gameplay, but once I got the power and box set up in the castle, it actually created a very fun and tense atmosphere trying to get to the box and power that were far away before the bosses showed up.  One of my favorite early tests was trying to plan a strategy to make it to the castle and not get caught on the bridge by the Panzer.  It has since been made easier and the box can be accessed as early as round five and power and jugg by the end of round seven.  Once inside the castle there are many paths that the player can take.

9) Maybe this next question is for AwesomePieMan. A lot of maps give you some reward at the completion of the map, which is fine, but often times that reward could have been more of a benefit to you earlier in the process when you were really struggling. Is there going to be a big payoff at the end of the objective or is there going to be help given to players along the way too?

AwesomePieMan: So far I have two major rewards planned.  One is completed very early on in the easter egg and is then used throughout,  think the Staffs of Origins or the Bows of DE.  The second comes near the end of the easter egg.  Right before the last step, kinda like how in Leviathan you got all perks and then had one more step to actually escape the map.  Let me put it this way...that last'll need all the help you can get. :D

10) Any clue on the release date/launch party/autograph signing?

HexZombies: We will make sure to keep everyone up to date on what going on with the map and its progress, currently we hope to be in the beta stage soon - but you never know what problems you will run into when it comes to making a map. All we can say is that the map will be out when it's out and that we hope you have as much fun playing it as we had making it.

Ragnarok Build Team - 2016

A big thanks to Hex & PieMan for not only the gender reassignment but for being such good sports and giving us a little extra taste of what is to come when Ragnarok drops this year. The fear is real!
5 years ago

Mapper: MakeCents & Tudark

The Basics: This map looks straight out of an exciting science fiction universe. It feels like Halo and Doom had a funbaby and cute little Orbit was brought into the world. Or at least he was cute until he got possessed by demons and murdered his crew. Wait, why the hell are we on this giant floating space coffin again? Oh yea, we're mankind's last hope for survival. For crying our loud, isn't humanity like the intergalactic damsel in distress? At some point we're going to realize that she's always in danger and maybe isn't worth saving anymore...Oh sorry, back to the map.

What We Liked: There is no way to prepare for this map each time you play and that's one of the things that makes it both scary and absolutely replayable. Wall weapons, perk location and your own starting location and starting gun are all randomized so you don't know where you are going to start, what gear you are going to have or what is going to be available to you.
Everything is custom on this map: custom textures, custom effects, weapons & perk machines. A custom power switch, mystery box and some badass enemy types including a boss which gives this space station a unique and dangerous feel to it. It's all custom and it's all beautiful. There is also an objective which will require you to explore the whole base as well as to teleport to a few different places in order to complete – WTF, can it get much better than this?

What We Didn't Like: If I had to subtract points from this map anywhere it would be because the main rooms of the map are separated be a series of long hallways and all those hallways feel the same. If you are playing with friends you probably won't mind this, but playing solo it may feel a bit repetitive early on. Also, for being a space station overrun by the undead that hell vomited out it looks a bit too squeaky clean but I understand the map makers ran into some engine limits so a full blood soaked scrub-down got left out; no huge complaint though.

Final Word: Friends, this map is impressive without a doubt. If you like science fiction and zombies then this map is the best thing that could be made with the resources that we currently have. Is it perfect? No, but it was such a massive and ambitious undertaking that it demands that we stand and take notice of everything that it does right and by the time you count up all of those things you'll forget about most of the things you didn't like. Play this map NOW!

Level of Detail: 9/10
Custom Content: 10/10
Fun Scale: 8/10
Replayability: 9/10

Score: 36/40

Map download page:,10991.0.html
6 years ago
I am a really big fan of the Advanced Warfare campaign story. I thought the characters were likable, the performances good overall for both the goodguy side and badguys; the story was entertaining as you get used to a very high tech new world. Kevin Spacey was great and the twists in the story were fun and actually seemed believable. To me it felt like it could make a great standalone movie or miniseries.

Black Ops 3 on the other hand I had no idea what was going almost the entire time. After 30 seconds into each mission I couldn't remember the convoluted explanation as to why or what I was supposed to be doing I just kept walking forward and shooting stuff. Even after reading the breakdown of the story on multiple websites it's painfully confusing and I feel straight up insulted that after 3 years they felt my Xbone deserved to have someone take this steaming dump into it. I also don't remember liking any characters in the story but whatever.

I'm not asking for a COD game to be a freakin' profound war-time epic, but the BO3 story seemed like it took VERY bad storytelling to a new low. What do you guys think?
6 years ago

By Tomikaze - Map Reviewer & Life Coach
6 years ago

Created by: Jei9363

The Basics: You're rich, your pad is amazing, and you party all night and sleep all day. You're living the dream in Los Santos, San Andreas, but life is about to get real. You play as Michael De Santa, Sarah Michelle Geller, a Los Santos Police Officer or Michael Rooker as zombies are breaking in - even though some of them might be Charlie Sheen trying to give Sarah Michelle Gellar AIDS; still what will you do in order to survive? Time to use all of your gadgets and perks of your privileged life to send the zombies back to the grave.

What We Liked: The look and layout of this map are incredibly fun with tons of places to drop down from and run to safety.  There are all Black Ops guns and perks along with a new custom perk that will allow you to defy gravity. There is also a cool Der Riese style catwalk that you can hold off the zombies on for those who love them some campin'! There are custom traps throughout the map like a baseball launcher, a tennis ball shooter and several poison sprinklers all able to be controlled from anywhere by your very own iPhone er...I-Zom (to avoid legal trouble). I love the SWAT team zombies that spawn in as they have very unique way of making your life difficult. Finally, there is an interesting way to unlock an elevator which takes you up to the PAP machine as well as a fun little objective that actually has to do with killing zombies and not looking endlessly for BS parts.

What We Didn't Like: Nothing really; this map does so much right and utilizes every square inch to near perfection while providing a great zombie base for survival.

The Final Word:
A fantastic map that is full of creative and fun features that will keep you entertained for a good while. Don't forget to buy some Grav-a-rita while you are there and maybe take the leap of faith if you are brave. For those who love running, gunning, flying and surviving monstrous jumps then this map is for you!

Level Detail: 7/10
Custom Content:8/10
Fun Scale: 10/10
Replayability: 7/10

Score: 32/40

Download here:,9452.0.html
6 years ago
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