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In my spawn room, I have a barrier and a ground spawning zombie. I have path nodes everywhere but when both zombie spawn, they just sit there and do nothing.

Secondly, once you buy the door out of spawn, the zones have to wrap around the building. This causes me to have multiple of the same zone which I don't know if all of them are part of the same zone, or only one of them is working and the rest just do nothing.
857 days ago
I don't know exactly, but if mod menus can change the round, that means there's a command to change the round.
If you can change the startup menu to change the round(might need help from a scripter), then you can make the command change the round when the game begins.
921 days ago
You can use this to add FX to your field, but it might take a while:
921 days ago
There are effects like snow and rain but I don't know about lightning.
921 days ago
If the door swings outwards, you can put a clip brush around where the door will be once it's opened.
If it swings inwards and you cant find a way to do it, try and make it swing outwards and put a clip brush around where it will be.
921 days ago
You can change the text and exec the mod with this tutorial:

This is so when you build you mod people can play without having to go to the console.
923 days ago
Most maps might have Anti-Cheat (applicable to maps during the building of their mod) which can rid the mod of people using commands and cheats.
923 days ago
Mine never worked without doing this.. go to textures, usage, all, select the checkered default texture and draw a brush around your map (preferably larger than the map) and on the top tools bar youll see a red box, you might have to look for it but it will say hollow. Select the brush and press that button.

Go to textures, usage, sky and select a sky similar to yours. If your map is dark, select a darker texture, if its light select one that's about as light as your skyboxmodel. Or if its available use your skyboxmodel texture.

 Thank you, it finally worked!
923 days ago
I did everything but the Hollow Caulk Box and Hollow Sky Texture thing. How do I do it?
924 days ago
I just changed a few settings to match Der Riese's sun and the preview looks great but when I load it, it looks like this:   Halp. :poker:
926 days ago
I meant Primary Lights*
928 days ago
My sun isn't working and neither are lights. If I change the brightness of the sun or lights, only my perks and sky model get brighter.   
            With the Sun:

            Without the Sun:
930 days ago
Every time I compile my map it says "bad syntax   'if( iDamage < )'  see console for details"

934 days ago


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