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Somewhere around round 15-20, only a couple of zombies spawn instead of all 50 or so. Once you kill all the zombies, the map is just dead quiet with nothing happening. The zombie counter will say 30-50 zombies left but none will spawn. The round never ends as well. The zones aren't the problem as there is no open area without a zone and I am in a zone as it happens.
259 days ago
I reinstalled them and that seemed to work. Maybe the model got corrupted or overwritten
259 days ago
When using either the UGX Modtools perk prefabs or the Zombiemode perk prefabs, the perks appear normally with the "The power needs to be activated" text on it. However, when the power is turned on all the models are invisible, and buying them is very weird. When you do buy them, the points are removed but there is no bottle animation and no perk is given UNLESS you receive a weapon from the mystery box. MakeCents in this post: seems to be describing the issue but doesn't provide any information about the exact models/animations to add to the mod.csv file.
260 days ago
Its a problem with Harrys Perks
260 days ago
Non-host players:
Do not have a weapon-
Do not have a knife -
Do not spawn with any points-
Zombies do not target them unless the player is right in front of them in which they attack, but still do not follow after the player takes a step back (The "Connection Interrupted" thing appears whenever attacked also)-
Can not get points with their grenades-
Can only get points from nukes and carpenters-
Can not buy any weapons, perks, or hit the box.-

I used UGX script placer and Harry's perks but don't know if either can create this issue.Hopefully, I missed something small, like a file or a line of code that needed to be added.
268 days ago
They are both 500 and refer to the same thing except the second one is if cheats are enabled (which is not enabled).
269 days ago
2 years ago, I started on my map. Due to some bugs I couldn't solve and me getting a new computer, I quit but now I'm back at it. Now in order to change the starting score, you simply have to open the _zombiemode.gsc and find "set_zombie_var( "zombie_score_start", 500 );" then set it to whatever you want. However, mine is set to 500 points but I still start with 500,000. Every other tutorial just says to change the score in that file but that clearly isn't working. I've also checked every file in the mod and none of them even say "500000". I need to start with 500, please help
271 days ago
Have you used the converter yet?
271 days ago
When I load maps, I dont use the "/"
835 days ago
After installing HarryBo21's Perk Pack 5.2.0,  certain perks wont allow you to buy them. This includes Quick Revive, Juggernog, and Widows Wine. When getting them out of the wonderfizz, They work normally. Anyone else have this problem?
835 days ago
sent  a request
838 days ago
select the ugx_mod mod from mod builder,

 I dont have ugx_mod,
 then when u use project mover

I dont have this ethier.

I see three options
1: Give up
2.Post this on multiple other modding fourms in hoping that someone has had this problem before
3. Upload the files for everyone to download and let them try to fix it

What should I do?
838 days ago
How? Copying the random text using a text editor? or something else? If this works, then you saved me weeks of my life.
839 days ago
One of the problem i know how to fix and  thats the missing soul boxes (because of different versions of the map) But the rest was perfectly fine untill three months when i accidently deleeted my mapname_patch, in trying to replace it i made a new mod and transferred everything over patch related and renamed it all. When I compiled it everything went normal untill you spawn in which you saw in the video. I tried deleting everything that come with the patch but it was still there.

In other words:   Its most likely a compile problem, not missing files
839 days ago


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