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When I load maps, I dont use the "/"
369 days ago
After installing HarryBo21's Perk Pack 5.2.0,  certain perks wont allow you to buy them. This includes Quick Revive, Juggernog, and Widows Wine. When getting them out of the wonderfizz, They work normally. Anyone else have this problem?
369 days ago
sent  a request
372 days ago
select the ugx_mod mod from mod builder,

 I dont have ugx_mod,
 then when u use project mover

I dont have this ethier.

I see three options
1: Give up
2.Post this on multiple other modding fourms in hoping that someone has had this problem before
3. Upload the files for everyone to download and let them try to fix it

What should I do?
372 days ago
How? Copying the random text using a text editor? or something else? If this works, then you saved me weeks of my life.
373 days ago
One of the problem i know how to fix and  thats the missing soul boxes (because of different versions of the map) But the rest was perfectly fine untill three months when i accidently deleeted my mapname_patch, in trying to replace it i made a new mod and transferred everything over patch related and renamed it all. When I compiled it everything went normal untill you spawn in which you saw in the video. I tried deleting everything that come with the patch but it was still there.

In other words:   Its most likely a compile problem, not missing files
374 days ago
Heres footage:
(Its harder to explain rather than just show) 
I've had this problem for four months now and its one of the main reasons I quit for a while. The map is complete but when I compiled the patch this happened. After I compiled it without the patch, the exact same thing happened. Please give suggestions. 
377 days ago
when transferring the mod files, i left mod.csv on accident (not mod tools error, but the mod itself)

378 days ago
Reinstalled the mod tools twice, still not working. (I used the 'All in One' package) There is an 'Error: Access to path' when compiling, though I cant find a solution to that ethier

Double Post Merge: October 06, 2018, 07:17:54 pm

Just edited a ton of files and got it to work so not every problem is because the "mod tools arn't installed correctly"
378 days ago

After a three month hiatus, I got a new computer to work on. I fixed as many problem as I could but I cant seem to fix this one. Any guesses?
380 days ago
After a three month hiatus, I got a new computer to work on. I fixed as many problem as I could but I cant seem to fix this one. Any guesses?
384 days ago
So Who Deserves Best Answer?
463 days ago
I could make a video of the glitch
481 days ago
That helped the patch stuff, but nothing else. Once you buy any perk, you cant knife, sprint, or throw grenades. Also when you buy a perk, any damage you get hit with will freeze the game for a few seconds. Which means you cant die because when you're about to the game freezes but you still heal. I put myself into a horde and didn't die. And when you buy a perk the bottle, the animation, and the symbol saying you have that perk isn't there.
481 days ago


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