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Somewhere around round 15-20, only a couple of zombies spawn instead of all 50 or so. Once you kill all the zombies, the map is just dead quiet with nothing happening. The zombie counter will say 30-50 zombies left but none will spawn. The round never ends as well. The zones aren't the problem as there is no open area without a zone and I am in a zone as it happens.
250 days ago
When using either the UGX Modtools perk prefabs or the Zombiemode perk prefabs, the perks appear normally with the "The power needs to be activated" text on it. However, when the power is turned on all the models are invisible, and buying them is very weird. When you do buy them, the points are removed but there is no bottle animation and no perk is given UNLESS you receive a weapon from the mystery box. MakeCents in this post: seems to be describing the issue but doesn't provide any information about the exact models/animations to add to the mod.csv file.
252 days ago
Non-host players:
Do not have a weapon-
Do not have a knife -
Do not spawn with any points-
Zombies do not target them unless the player is right in front of them in which they attack, but still do not follow after the player takes a step back (The "Connection Interrupted" thing appears whenever attacked also)-
Can not get points with their grenades-
Can only get points from nukes and carpenters-
Can not buy any weapons, perks, or hit the box.-

I used UGX script placer and Harry's perks but don't know if either can create this issue.Hopefully, I missed something small, like a file or a line of code that needed to be added.
259 days ago
2 years ago, I started on my map. Due to some bugs I couldn't solve and me getting a new computer, I quit but now I'm back at it. Now in order to change the starting score, you simply have to open the _zombiemode.gsc and find "set_zombie_var( "zombie_score_start", 500 );" then set it to whatever you want. However, mine is set to 500 points but I still start with 500,000. Every other tutorial just says to change the score in that file but that clearly isn't working. I've also checked every file in the mod and none of them even say "500000". I need to start with 500, please help
263 days ago
After installing HarryBo21's Perk Pack 5.2.0,  certain perks wont allow you to buy them. This includes Quick Revive, Juggernog, and Widows Wine. When getting them out of the wonderfizz, They work normally. Anyone else have this problem?
826 days ago
Heres footage:
(Its harder to explain rather than just show) 
I've had this problem for four months now and its one of the main reasons I quit for a while. The map is complete but when I compiled the patch this happened. After I compiled it without the patch, the exact same thing happened. Please give suggestions. 
835 days ago

After a three month hiatus, I got a new computer to work on. I fixed as many problem as I could but I cant seem to fix this one. Any guesses?
837 days ago
After a three month hiatus, I got a new computer to work on. I fixed as many problem as I could but I cant seem to fix this one. Any guesses?
841 days ago
So when I started learning everything about making a mod, I deleted my mapname_patch because I didn't know what it was/did. Now I feel like an idiot for deleting it and I have no way of recovering my mapname_patch.gsc, mapname_patch_fx.gsc, mapname_patch_amb.gsc, mapname_patch_anim.gsc, etc...
I thought I could make a new map and copy+paste the patch stuff and rename it for the map. It compiled flawlessly but when I started the game Harrys Bo21's perk models aren't in-game and his origins hud is Checkered boxes. In addition to that, UGX Easy FX was also messed up and the end game cameras. So I deleted all the patch stuff and the mod in the game so I could recompile it completely without the patch. But I played it and it still had the glitched stuff in it. I found a fewdeleted files but when I compiled it, I got the "Map With No Materials" error (which I think is because of the missing mapname_patch.gsc thing). And that's where I am today, please help.
939 days ago
When I compile my with BSP, Lights, Paths, Reflections, and FastFiles, Everything works just fine
But when I compile my mapname_patch(ONLY using FastFiles), I get the error in the launcher.
I looked it up and found two posts about this:  and
Neither of them helps me even though I do EXACTLY what it says.
951 days ago
I want to build my map so my friend can test it. I'm using this Tutorial:

It says to compile my mapname_patch but I don't have one in my launcher. Can anyone help?
955 days ago
How do I get rid of the fact that once you get hit, the zombies stop you/slow you down? I've seen maps without this, is it an easy process or very complicated?
956 days ago
I removed t4m from my map so the map isn't dependent on it. I got the old fx limit error and I removed a ton of fx from a few different files. But it still wasn't enough so I used the UGX Asset Counter and here are the results:
Is this a glitch or do I need get rid of more?
957 days ago
1st: The Vulture aid perk doesn't show the other perks or wall weapons(with the struct)
2nd: There are a few files about an Origins HUD( and _zombiemode_origins_hud.gsc) But I don't remember in his tutorial on how to enable it.
960 days ago
1st: Absolutely no previews of any model or prefab when it worked fine like a month ago
2nd: It takes 2-5 minutes just to open Radiant but like two seconds to open my map
Both of these are HEAVY time savers which will probably reduce the amount of time it takes to detail the map by days instead of my opening every prefab just to see if it matches with what I'm looking for.
962 days ago


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