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Does anyone think it would be easy to recreate the HUD from BO3 and recreate it in BO3 I've noticed BO2 recreations and BO1 recreations and I've been paying closer attention to the HUD in BO3 and I feel it wouldn't be too dificult to recreate. For anyone wondering why, I've been play...
8 days ago
I absolutely love this. It's a great map pack and it offers so much replayability. The only thing I wish is that the Gobble Gum Arcade was a bit smaller so that it feels like there is a lot to do which there is. I love sharpshooter and all the minigames you put in. I also wish each section withi...
13 days ago
Would it ever be possible to make some type of launcher for world at war where rather than having to launch the game it self go to the mods section and load up a map you could launch it from a program on the desktop. You would launch the program up select a zombie map and it would just load up strai...
446 days ago
So basically poor men's revelations
No, I'm not mixing any maps. It's going to have new areas. The only thing I'm putting in there that's from another map is probably the M.P....
660 days ago
Its kinda like that but it either on the as a whole or the moon is fracture and it is basically revelations but when I meant it would feel like ascension, origins, DE, and moon I meant like texture wise the only things from a map that would be the same would some parts from moon. I wanted to put jus...
661 days ago
I've decided to scrap my old idea in turn for an even older idea that I began almost 2 years ago in Minecraft (yes, Minecraft). After looking through some old saves I found a map called The Giant's Theater. After loading it up I realized that my younger self had tried to build something th...
662 days ago


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