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well you can look at the monkey bomb script _zombiemode_cymbal_monkey, and make the script check for if the player has the acidgat you can see a way of applying the script to the acidgat that with the wunderwaffe script i think but i am not 100% sure just offering some helpful resource you should ha...
2168 days ago
so i have used this tool for the f2000 and scar-h from mw2 it worked fine for those guns but when i tried animating black ops 2 weapons it just gives me a jacked up idle animation and ive selected all the joints needed in the file any idea on how to fix it>
2193 days ago
when i try to convert BO2 guns i got using Lime in asset manager i began to recieve and error saying that the model exceeds Tri-vert ratio but i never got this issue up until a few weeks ago, also i dont get the error with MW2 guns or Black ops 1 guns... if anyone can help with this thatd be...
2212 days ago
why not tell him how to use "moveto" that way he han move the  doors to structs and made prefabs instead of having to make 1 script for every door lol
how would i do that? ive normally j...
2213 days ago
any idea on how to have zombies trigger the trigger_multiple im keeping this as simple as possible since im just starting off
2214 days ago
i was thinking about a way to do that but i guess i might have to just give them a path around the doors through barriers or something but quick question how would i make the doors open faster then the slow opening of the doors?
2214 days ago


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