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looks interesting, i'll give it a try  ;)
1652 days ago
not much to reveal, huh? i'll try it out first thing in the morning  :)
1657 days ago
Vanoss and the crew had a struggle when looking for the key to the grandfather clock   :lol:
1661 days ago
Sten Mk.II with EOTech sights? sounds like true british innovation
1677 days ago
can't wait for the public release. i have a map that won't be done until 1.1 is released
1689 days ago
well that's a major shame for me, i have a broken copy, i'm the only one in my class who plays WaW on PC and my internet is total poo but either way, 10/10
1695 days ago
another custom zombies map set in San Andreas? downloading :D
1700 days ago
1500+ kills in 32 rounds, now i'm just a couple maps away from a heart attack  :D
1727 days ago
my copy of the game never came with a d3d9 file, is that normal?
1737 days ago
it's awesome, man. i like it but i think you should make the Rorsch MK-1 a bit more explosive like in Battlefield
1738 days ago
i hope you can get it done soon. i might even make a video on it  :D
1750 days ago
yes! there's finally something new in the UGX mod  ::)
1755 days ago
am i the only one who never got a heli sequence at the start of the map? or is it because i used the devmap command?
1776 days ago
can't wait to play it  :rainbow:
1793 days ago
i was actually gonna make a map similar to this one, it was also going to be a tower as well
1797 days ago


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