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the Gulag mission just as i remembered
1747 days ago
looks exciting already  ;D
1870 days ago
Yes it is.
oh alright, i wouldn't survive for long if it wasn't
1891 days ago
this isn't based on the Dawnville map from the first CoD, is it?
1892 days ago
Lotus Juice - Do It For Love (feat. Yumi Kawamura)
most of the lyrics are in english but it bothers me sometimes
1936 days ago
now THIS is how Tranzit is supposed to work
1942 days ago
did you add the plasma gun? it can't be a Doom map without a weapon converted from Doom
1948 days ago
since last month, i've been playing Brutal Doom and i just couldn't stop and it had me thinking "who is still playing the old Doom games?" i know many people are still playing Brutal Doom since it's the most popular on ModDB's Doom 2 section but i wanna know if there are still people playing either the original Doom or Doom with mods so tell me, are you still taking refuge in the past?
1950 days ago
so what's new for V3?
1958 days ago
played this like THREE times! and i can't get enough of it  :D
1974 days ago
not on a Dell, it would literally be a nightmare lol
1977 days ago
so...what's with the GMOD icon?
1977 days ago
i've returned to see how you're doing! any troubles?
1980 days ago
here's something i want to ask you guys: have you ever bought a set of PC parts or a laptop and you just regret it because of how it runs? do you have to save more cash on better stuff because of that situation? i'd usually live by the words "be happy and make use of what you have" but it's just what i'm curious about.
1980 days ago
so it's basically like MW3 Survival mode?
2004 days ago


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