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Played 2 player and beat it in 42 minutes.

Pretty fun and hard map. Most of the weapons are quite weak, but the shotguns and snipers perform quite well in the 20s. You really have to know how to guide the zombie...
1889 days ago
I am a fan of your work and I can honestly say you delivered something new and fresh with this map :) I remembered starting bank job for the first time and I thought it was good for you being a first time mapper, I sti...
1890 days ago
10/10 for originality, 8/10 for map design (bit small IMO), 9/10 for weapons (no PaP).

I really appreciate the compliments!

[quote author=ShotgunRagtime link=topic=6961.msg75656#msg7565...
1891 days ago
Finally released it, eh? I just played it, and you did an awesome job!  :gusta:

Thank you very much! That means a lot!
1892 days ago
.5x damage would halve the damage but would I be correct in saying it is 1.5x damage?

Well since you can buy it several times it is +.5x each. So it goes 1x then 1.5x then 2x then 2.5 times etc....
1892 days ago
I wonder why you dont use models instead of brush(chairs,table,etc), also nice map  :)
are there any models?
1892 days ago


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